God’s Way is Benchmarking vs. Mercy

Day 83. 2021 Mar 22

Wash: For awhile, my mind has been filled with work, activities, excitement of new experience and followed-along result .. and the consequences of physical fatigue, forget about my mission as a servant. I desire for my heart to be purified again. For my heart is filled with joy and hope of being forgiven at wakeup and ride my day with trust rather than anxiety to create good result and overwhelmed by activities. I want to be pure again. I want to survive the day and rescued from the temptation of the day.

Thanksgiving: too many tiny good things to mention about: good weekend, clean up the ‘long live’ todo list, found a few good candidate for my kid to ramp up more cheerfully with vietnamese (tried this morning, she loved it). Most of all, I realized that I should go back to a servant attitude as a better strategy to ride these busy daily life, building Wise capacity to take care my core fam on physical strength and continue on perfect unity building.

Highlight: promises for the upright: land, peace, days, protection, abundance .. forever, Psalm 37:11–19 ESV

  • ‘the meek shall inherit the land, delight themselves in abundant peace’ v11
  • ‘the Lord knows the days of the blameless, and their heritage will remain forever’ v18
  • ‘they are not put to shame in evil times’ v19
  • ‘in the days of famine they have abundance’ v19

Highlight: Luke 5:28–32 ESV

  • ‘He said to him (Levi, the tax collector), “Follow me”. and leaving everything, he rose and followed him’ v28
  • ‘“I have not come to call he righteous but sinners to repentance”’ v32

What are God’s standard for the ‘blameless’, the ‘upright’ ?! In the old testament, there are such awesome promises on a package-of-benefit for life: land, peace, protection, abundance .. forever. And somehow there were a gap of practice to match on par with those promises by the leadership in Israel: the priest, the teachers .. as ‘they grumbled’ seeing Jesus sit and eat with ‘the sinners’ .. this response makes its own sense as God’s ways (learnt in the previous day) is a sharp separation of Good and Evil (and Psalm is a collection of warnings and reminders us to stay away from Evil). But Jesus’s brought a new light, new context of God’s Ways: MERCY. Perhaps, being righteous in the Lord’s sight have the two balanced scale of (1) love God and (2) love people as ourselves. It looks to me that the old testament entirely focus on dependence to the Lord. But doing only this has created a pitfall for us: benchmarking ourselves vs. others (e.g. judge others: I’m doing this so I am righteous, others obviously not doing that so they are sinners). However, Jesus’s came leaving examples on new defacto of the new testament: God doesn’t benchmark people at each others but His standard is MERCY. And perhaps by fulfilling the calling of being merciful to each others, we can demonstrate ourselves to God on our respect, trust and dependence to Him.

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