Why Jesus always called the Broken, the Thirsty

Day 132. 2021 May 10


  • going back to morning run today, indeed this activity requires regular invest or it won’t sustain
  • tea time with spouse yesterday night somehow was the right investment. I am thankful that we were led into this meaningful activity. I am reminded that I should pray for him more, he could be who is “thirsty” .. for him to find Jesus himself
  • Ofuro with my kid was good


  • work, task still the biggest distraction in my mind e.g. uncertainty about data pulling, involve others, organize message from the data
  • I felt strongly that I need to invest to build a common language in our home, somehow, we speaking vnese becoming a input that made Hannah felt left-out


  • Proverbs 11:30 JCB “神を信じる人は命の実のなる木を育ち”
  • Proverbs 12:1 JCB “人の言うことを聞く気がある人は知恵を得ることができる”
  • Proverbs 12:4 JCB “良い妻は夫の誇り。悪い妻は夫に肩身のせまい思いをさせ、事々に足を引っ張ります”
  • John 7:27–28 JCB “「..だけど、この人がキリストのわけはないよ。どこの生まれか、身元が知れているんだから。キリストはどこからともなく突然現れるはずだからね」イエスは宮で、大声をあげて教えられました。「皆さん、確かに、…」”


  • the people were divided into believer, doubters and deniers. What kept them (and many young generation now, some in my family as well) to believe Jesus is that Jesus appeared to them as a man and they knew His origin. Our knowledge can be the barrier to keep us to come and believe Jesus. Perhaps, that is why Jesus kept saying and calling to who is thirsty and broken (the called sinners) as perhaps only those who stood at the edge of life, when they lost all, they are those most willing to try to believe. Human beings are such creation.
  • I will look at those who broken, thirsty are signs to call them, pray for them to Jesus. (perhaps now it is the chance of my spouse)


  • I will work as just work, task as just task .. of course with sincere and a mindset to automate them, so to finish them asap .. so that uncertainty about task’s time estimation won’t bother me anymore
  • I will accept the dive deep challenge in a mindset of experiment and seek advices, feedback, guidance from boss and colleagues
  • I will pray for spouse to accept and find Jesus himself
  • I will pray for my child to learn and speak vietnamese as a connected language among our nuclear family
  • I will pray for a sibling for my child
  • I will enjoy this journey, learn and protect the freedom of a forgiven one



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