Who gives intuition to the heart and instinct to the mind? — Job 38:36. Intuition and discernment (good judgement). Always pray for the decision/next step.

Recognize it••Silence your inner critic••Embrace your creativity•• Take notes•• Get physical•• Evaluate your dreams•• Evaluate the past•• Pray•

  • (deep) learn: a day w. lots of learning about org tools like r.amo, s.eydpa t.evirdtse. spouse seems to have a similar day w. coursera. I feel hope that I will understand more about existing system and why we have them but not the others. their limitation, when to use them
  • attention to children: rich day of short but good learning: english w. shane appli, sapix w. 2 math basis, kanji and 1 pattern, some vietnamese speaking. so grateful that we have a great fam environment w. the whiteboard, good relation between fam members. ofuro before bed. swimming class was good as well.
  • fam quality time: swimming class day is a joyful fam day out
  • fam quality environment: An stays enthusiastic, she reads ehon by herself, she laughed and enjoyed her days. spouse and I follow up w. her study time to time.
  • fam services: simplified dinner
  • grateful for another joyful night with lots of laughter
  • An shows attention in reading the book about 作文コンクール🛫
  • my radar: y.ne message was a heart touching, she offers to call her when I am here alone in Tokyo while fam is back in VN. God is open doors for me to reach the women more 🛫 (expand and include)
  • my radar: capacity before maternity leave for learn about the org, the existing systems 🛫 (leadership and deep learn)
  • I lack of physical movement for my pregnancy
  • sleep trouble
  • perhaps too much input in a day
  • 1st of all: prioritize my capacity: health, time and mental. which is the important source for me to follow the calling of God. (first drop my expectation on work, manager’s expectation. pick up a new concept: set boundaries) amen. → → 🌸 opportunity coming NOW 🛫 set the boundaries and build capacity to deep learn the existing system at work now.
  • 2nd of all: vision to invest the right things to An. she is at peak of consuming knowledge and discovering the world through experience and people connection → → 🌸 opportunity coming NOW. more Physical activities. 🛫 and next year-long challenge: make right responsibility to our children.
  • 3rd of all: expand to include others to our lives (fam lives and connect group lives) e.g. team, vnese mom communities, mom at work🛫, ballet mom communities ? scientists around the world? .. pray for it. do it purposefully → → 🌸 opportunity coming NOW. 🛫
  • build up my confidence as 1st lady of the Jesus: decent attire and inclusive attitude when being within social community. → → 🌸 opportunity coming NOW NOW
  • Born to Lead: Who gives intuition to the heart and instinct to the mind?— Job 38:36. Intuition and discernment (good judgement) often work hand in hand, but they are not the same. While intuition refers to a gut feeling or a hunch, discernment helps you wisely recognize and use your intuition when you need it. When looked at this way, we see that intuition isn’t just a reliance on flighty emotions but is grounded in intelligence. Intuition can cause unnecessary fear or worry, and discernment can help you reel in those emotions and not let them incapacitate you. 🌸How to Develop Your Intuition🌸 Recognize it•. Be on alert to recognize when you are having an intuitive moment. If you find yourself thinking about someone more than usual, and they call you up shortly thereafter, it was likely your intuition at work. Silence your inner critic•. Many times, we try to rationalize away our intuitive thoughts, thinking we should be more logical and rely on facts. The next time you have an intuition about something, don’t analyze it or argue with yourself about it. 🛫Give in to it and see what happens🛫. Realizing you were correct will enable you to have more faith in the process the next time. Embrace your creativity•. Creative activities such as painting, 🛫drawing🛫, writing, and crafts allow your mind to flow freely. They can put you in a mindset that allows you to be more open to new ideas and insights. Take notes•. Carry a small journal or notebook (or use your electronic notes on your cell phone) to record your thoughts, gut feelings, and hunches. Sometimes, we have such reactions throughout the day, but then we forget about them. Writing them down will allow you to review them at your leisure and remember fleeting, but important, feelings that occurred throughout the day. Get physical•. Go for a walk or a run or even take a shower. Often, taking a break from the daily grind frees our minds to mull over problems and come up with solutions. Evaluate your dreams•. Often our dreams are windows into our subconscious. Dreams help us process information and deal with stress or unacknowledged desires. They can reveal deep and symbolic messages that escape our attention when we are awake. Evaluate the past•. There have, no doubt, been many times in the past where you had an intuition and didn’t act on it. You kicked yourself for not listening to yourself. Recall those times and allow them to bolster your confidence in the future. Pray•. Most important of all, when we need to make a decision, we often have a choice we are leaning toward. However, we second-guess ourselves by going back and forth, unable to decide. In responding to Job, the suffering patriarch, God declares, through a rhetorical question, that he is the source of intuition. “Who gives intuition to the heart and instinct to the mind?” Don’t dismiss the concept of intuition as something mystical or magical. It is God-given. Simply ask the Holy Spirit to lead you as to when to rely on it. ||| Christians should be cautioned that not all our inner thoughts and feelings should be heeded, for they can lead us astray. “There is a path before each person that seems right, but it ends in death.” That “feeling” or “something” must be submitted to the Holy Spirit’s discernment for our next step. He is the fountain of wisdom and understanding that Jesus sent specifically to teach and guide us. ヨブ 記 38:36 36人に直観や本能を授けたのはだれか。
  • for our next step of “invent” our services to the world, which are pleasant to the Lord and equipped by God.
  • for our fam mind to have eternal and long term perspective in making decision everyday.
  • what makes a leader?: understand mine and others’ priorities, pressures and work styles. lead a mtg when I am not a boss. seek and shape meaningful common purpose, specific goals. set my mind on things above, have right perspective.
  • Bible: decide to meet with God first. Have an eternal perspectives for my daily decision. I am here to be prepared for eternal REST. Decide to believe in God’s promises that He will make everything right. I am not alone. His Spirit, His angles waiting to help me.
  • Ask: guidance for fam increase. for work w. joy and lead projects w. good suggestion for a long term and balanced life. for my ministry company/service to the world. of women and working women.
  • Ask: to fix and heal my heart about a heart of uncontent about L5. evil heart to seek it w. life unbalanced effort. 🛫fix my mind to have eternal and long term perspective in making decision at work everyday🛫. remove fear



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My daily battles along with faith