What can I do for my big fam, starting today? この新しい生活は、神がずっと以前から計画してくださったものであり、私たちが互いに助け合って過ごすためでした

Aug 28


  • a full heart: spouse and An came back home. felt like they never left and the last 10 days felt like a miracle quiet time.
  • protection: grateful for God’s protection for them during the trip from any sickness and Covid and be welcomed everywhere they went. amen
  • good sleep: the bed felt narrow and noisy but I had a good sleep. I am so grateful for my fam
  • radar: talked w. spouse about my big fam and felt so grateful that we came up with an similar idea that maybe we need to be establish a company and help family to come. I need to pray further. but my heart is deeply grateful for this relationship that God has built into our house.
  • An ’s dev milestone: she is genki and listen when we patient to her. Still she is react when dad respond to her said that she want to pass the swimming class, about the body length and muscle amount.
  • reading: reading a book about cultivating intelligence through language acquisition: practice english for developing children.


  • deep learn vision: after interview w. MSD I learnt that my guidance (I believe by the Lord) was right: deep learn the hand-on skills and keep push to stay current with the technology to be able build visionary roadmap for a data science team. the skills are clear: science interview skill, aws tech stack, ML devops, writing/presentation/proposal, paper catchup, communities w. scientists and engineers.
  • help my big fam and the next generation

Receive: GOD HAS CHOSEN YOU. “I loved you before I knew you.”

  • ヨハネの福音書 15:16 あなたがたがわたしを選んだのではありません。わたしがあなたがたを選んだのです。そして任命しました。だから、あなたがたは行って、いつまでも残るすばらしい実を結びます。また、わたしの名前によって父に求めるものは、何でもいただけるのです。
  • それもまた、神からの賜物(贈り物)です。 9救いは、私たちの良い行いに対する報酬ではありません。ですから、だれ一人、それを誇ることはできません。 10私たちをこのように造り変え、キリスト・イエスによる新しい生活に入れてくださったのは神です。この新しい生活は、神がずっと以前から計画してくださったものであり、私たちが互いに助け合って過ごすためでした

1st fruit for Sep: 🛫SELF-DISCIPLINE🛫: guard my mind for God by first choose daily activities wise that keep my mind open and not-full to be able to ready and filled w. gratefulness and wise judgement.

  • challenge in Aug: (1) mental capacity everyday (SELF-DISCIPLINE): _a_ self-doubt about incompetence and _b_ not ready in decent attire
  • challenge in Aug: (2) joy in doing things (BE CONTENT and REJOY): _c_ deep-learn things and _d_ share time to teach and shape children lives
  • challenge in Aug: (3) build teams and groups (GET ALONG WELL w. PEOPLE): _e_ inclusive culture and _f_ harmony for conflict of interests
  • next step for our tech career with satisfying skill growth and harmony with fam demand in the new season
  • next step as a church leader, who commit to bring family to church and open Sunday for service and build up good social network at church.
  • next step in discipline and take care of our children purposefully
  • next step as a social glue for working moms, working women and my big fam in VN

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My daily battles along with faith