Vision and My attitude toward it. 神にも人にも喜ばれ、正しい判断力と英知を得たいなら、とことん主に信頼しなさい. Despite what I feel and expect, God want to see me in obedience spirit that I have a resting spirit sailing through the storm of challenges, enjoy the day as a refresh gift everyday. All I need is to survive the situation in trusting firmly in His plans that everything will end and end well. I just need to see, learn and pray.

July 5, nayami no tane


  • I’m thankful that i was honest with spouse about my own thought about his fam issue. I aimed for love like Jesus but it is so difficult to not judge people. I pray for protection of my heart, for me to see things the way Jesus would do.
  • life is easy here w. my fam: morning breakfast out has becoming something between spouse and myself.
  • relationship with spouse has become real. I can be totally honest with him. he is encouraging me, supporting me in my career.
  • discipline An made some progress with the rod but I feels right for now.

Challenge: hole my heart, don’t give in

  • I fear of the consequence causing by brother in law to the most fearful thing. I don’t like him at all, Lord. But I am grateful when I heart spouse voice about him that spouse is grateful for his role in taking care of our parent in law. what do I do, Lord? from now? is it time for us to step in and take care of everything? I am so tiring thinking about that. There is a conflict between love and hate for this family. But if I hold the thought, how Your light can ever be seen by them. How do I hold my heart, my perspective, my attitude for them, Lord.
  • Job is challenging beyond. I start worry that I won’t receive my expecting promo any more.
  • capacity (time and health) to pray for everyone around me: eniale, fam in law, colleagues, children, pregnancy and everyone else, vnese mom etc.

revisit VISION and prayer for July and Q3

JUNE tithe pray. pray for July and Q3

  • vision & character: growing love capacity for people everyday
  • vision & character: well prepare for maternity leave (decent look, knowledge) and a fruitful trip to VN
  • children & fam: discipline our children in basic obedience + build individual and growing relationship with each of our children
  • children & fam: think big in my career vision with 2 children: what works for us and for our children future (one idea: live in new york, london)
  • work & career: earn and learn from the 1st experience of people scope through scrum master role. for me to understand and see what i can bring along as leader of people + God’s approval for a promo and a humble heart of servant
  • work & career: success of science proposals, science work delegation and connection w scientists


  • ヨエル書 2:28–29 わたしは再び雨を注いだあと、
  • わたしはあなたがたすべてにわたしの霊を注ぐ。
  • その時、あなたがたの息子、娘は預言し、
  • 老人は夢を見、若者は幻を見る。
  • 29奴隷にさえも、男にも女にも同じように、
  • わたしの霊を注ぐ
  • One of the greatest benefits of the Spirit of God living within us is vision. This vision often comes to us as the Holy Spirit shares pictures of a preferable future. These pictures inspire us, encourage us, and strengthen us to not only persevere but overcome in life. How do you feel the Holy Spirit has spoken vision into your life?
  • 箴言 知恵の泉 3:5–6 神にも人にも喜ばれ、
  • 正しい判断力と英知を得たいなら
  • とことん主に信頼しなさい。
  • 決して自分に頼ってはいけません。
  • 何をするにも、主を第一にしなさい。
  • 主がどうすればよいか教えてくださり、
  • それを成功させてくださいます。
  • Obedience is Key: Obedience is a key response to hearing from God through visions. Whether it is Abraham, Peter, Paul, or us, obedience to a God-given vision always leads to glorifying God and His Son, Jesus.
  • What is God calling or saying to me? given my desire to help re-shape productivity at work, reduce chaostic at work environment, science direction for team, love and pray for fam in law, build up vn moms, career vision w. 2 children as a science manager.
  • What do I feel? overwhelming and weak and incompetent, judging self vs. unreasonable expectation for recognition, reward. my bias perspective was that it wasn’t fair for me but in fact I’ve already been protected and provided beyond what I could image of: marriage relationship, blessed children, trust and favor everywhere.
  • What do God want to see me doing? obedience in truthfully trusting heart, spirit of rest and calm between the storm of pressure and incompetence. grateful and humble heart everyday, in enjoying the day as a refreshing gift everyday. All I need to do is surviving the situation in obedience, trusting that it will end and end well. with spirit of humility to see, learn and pray



My daily battles along with faith

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