Take Stress Positively. 神様は、誘惑や試練に忍耐強く立ち向かえるよう、それから逃れる方法を教えてくれる

  • fresh thinking and observe where the Wind moves
  • fam increase, fam united in Jesus and fam serve together
  • becoming a fam-scope, org-scope and community-scope interest person (deep understanding of motivation, goals, systems; skills to achieve and valuable for people; …)
  • pick cw model
  • clinic appo #2, going well
  • good fish lunch out with spouse
  • cleaning and calm night with fam. Seeing An playing, talking, spouse washing the dishes .. brought joyful smiles to me. We said it was a good day on bed
  • drank more protein power and felt a bit better physically yesterday
  • continue to consistently pick focus for each day, small and sufficient so that I can still make it a part of my living. Keep the capacity to bring love and kindness along with me.
  • continue ALL being doing now .. until my obedience is completed
  • plan: handling corporate careers
  • .. i lost 2 friends to stress .. maybe you are not at that fatal stage but you feel you are getting one step closer each day to giving up under the enormous stress and pressure of the corporate system are drowning your joy and sapping your energy each day.
  • but be of good cheer, God did not ordain a life of stress for us. the “sweet and toll” came after the fall. Jesus has restored us back to the pre-fall of Eden. That God will not let us go through anything that we cannot handle. He is only allowing us to go through whatever will make us stronger.
  • .. take in stress positively .. and know that this is meant to convert us into diamonds .. then you’ll not just survive the work stress, but you will soon thrive and be celebrated as a dazzling diamond in your corporate offices
  • Hang in there. Be faithful. Let His Peace that passes all understanding guide you, while you cast ALL your cares upon Him.
  • コリント人への手紙 I 10: link 13このことを覚えていてください。あなたがたの生活の中に入り込む誘惑は、別に新しいものでも、特別なものでもないということです。ほかにも多くの人たちが、あなたがたよりも先に、同じ問題にぶつかってきたのです。どんな誘惑にも抵抗するすべはあります。神様は決して、とてもたち打ちできないような誘惑や試練に会わせたりはなさいません。神様がそう約束されたのであり、その約束は必ず実行されるからです。神様は、あなたがたが誘惑や試練に忍耐強く立ち向かえるように、それから逃れる方法を教えてくださいます。
  • Lord, thank you for this good life, peaceful life in this new career transition and family transition, despite the enormous stress and exhaust everyday. As long as you are with me (forever you promised) I will take this season’s stress and burden positively and wisely. Help me to see clearly your guide and follow steadily, amen. Grant me success today in Your sight, Lord, amen.



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My daily battles along with faith