Take Confidence that God works “all things for my good”, even at the obstacle of direction-less, Career-bitterness, Promotion-bitterness

  • grateful for my spouse, confidence about our relationship has increase. maybe it is just a perception from my side but I hope God will help me to be more loving to him, in listening patience about his nayami. We had 2 hour when he listened to my emotions about work. Had frank emotion sharing was good. I told him that I did sometime feel that he is regretting being with me, because of his ways of describing words. But he explained clearly that wasn’t what he meant, which was good.
  • An stays the core of joy for both of us. She stays at home and very independent in what she likes to do: printing, painting, piano, washing her toys
  • Meeting with apac nlp peers was good and problem solved easily. Grateful for having people together
  • I felt weak body
  • weak spirit, falling short in joy, increasing thinking, lacking of vision and hope thinking
  • messy and endless thought about direction, next steps, carrier worries me and creating a new spiritual chain within me
  • worries about productivity and my slow speed at work fill me with slow stress
  • should I change job, should I take the interview with Google, I’m so tiring of pushing for more. I want rest and connection, only. What prevent me from doing it? fear of failure? fear of lacking capacity? fear of failure is not a character of the Lord’s children. I should look forward and try a lot and fail a lot. fear of lacking capacity? yes, this could be one big factor for failure. but what is the gain? what is the lose? perhaps gaining more experience but it is not clear if it is good experience. I do have clearer clarity of good experience in this team. it is not about fear of failure, it is more about the trade-off of this new env and a new one: I have lower income, but is it really low? I felt like I am stuck here in term of career: salary, title, but it is what I am seeking? There a positive chance for me to expose myself to a chaostic environment with lots of passion. If I want to be a manager, this environment will help me understand and experience things beforehand. The young is passionate and hard working. Perhaps, I’m just struggling with this new young and passionate environment.
  • plan: joy’s falling: once you fall, there is one way to go right? the hardest path of that process is actually having the strength and direction to get up and go on.
  • First thing is to cling to the Lord. Ask Him to guide your every footstep. Ask Him for strength daily. Give Him praise for the opportunities to grow closer to Him
  • For us to rise and make a God-size change in our emotions, finances, jobs, churches, or overall lives, it all starts with the God who is changing us daily.
  • Second, we need to tell people about our fall. The enemy’s goal is to get us alone and use our doubt, insecurities and prideful thoughts to attack us. Instead of pushing everyone away, we need to cling to our friends, family and our Father for encouragement, prayer and guidance.
  • I am children of the Most High, no force can bring me down because of Jesus. He is calling me to RISE UP and overcome every obstacle in your way. Persevere and lay your sins to death, because Jesus created me to rise up.
  • It is my sins that I doubt about what I’m given right now, including what is as clear as the work env and support and favorite from people, including unclear opportunities like Google. It is my sins that I am living everyday with worries and without contentment. I should be burning with gratefulness for all of this, amen.
  • 詩篇 145:18 JCB そして真心から願い出る人のそば近くにいてくださるのです。主は敬虔(けいけん trung thanh, thanh tin)な心で信頼を寄せる人々の願いを、かなえてくださいます。
  • Proverbs 19:20 JCB 忠告はできるだけ聞いて、賢くいきなさい。
  • Lord, let me heart worship and praise for all the blessing you are pouring my live now. Forgive me for taking them all for granted and forgeting to live and share love, but keep inputting doubt and fear. Jesus has died for me to release myself from such evil chain, still I’m falling again Lord, in this new work environment change. Have mercy on me Lord. Revive me again, rise me up in hope, decision heart, confidence and fill my heart with Your enormous love, Lord that is enough for myself, my family and for people around me as well. amen. I want to rest under your wings every day and night Lord. Help me win over this temptation about direction, career, amen.



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My daily battles along with faith