Step #5: Don’t Over-react

Day 251. 2021 Sep 6 Mon. Theme = navigate conflict. 穏やかに答えれば相手の心を静め


  • life-contentment: morning tea time with An with some vnese exchange and CE 季節 quiz felt pleasant and hopeful. coffee time with spouse at world neighbor is pleasantly good. Spouse was helpful in converting the DS 検定 book to quarderno.
  • wish: morning opens with simple prayers for God’s plan to reveal in my life. I am comfortable with life now.

Life challenge

  • career-plan: plan for science interview prep .. didn’t take progress as wished .. which prones something is unreasonable.
  • health habit and the need to plan mid-term plans: also reveals the new challenge to be able to plan reasonably with conditioned on body rhythm e.g. menstrual cycle and needs to rest more and take supplement etc.

Receive and Apply: remain cool, calm, gentle and collected

  • keywords: over-react, “cut the conversation short and miss resolution”, “other will most likely shrink into a shell and explode in return”
  • this works for relationship with my kid as well
  • 知恵の泉 15:1 (JCB)穏やかに答えれば相手の心を静め、激しいことばでやり返すとけんかになります。
  • ペテロの手紙I 4:8 (JCB) 何よりもお互いに愛し合いなさい。愛は多くの欠けた点を補う(おぎなう)からです。


  • Thank you for reminding me such a easy-to-fall-into-mistake. Today I realized that I need to apply these conflict navigation wisdom to the relationship with my kid even more. amen.
  • I pray for your plans to be realized in my life, everyone in my family’s lives
  • I pray for 2nd baby to join our earth journey.



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