Step #4: 互いに告白、願い合い

  • life-contentment: this calm (in the mid of commitments to work, home and children activities) is wonderful. I don’t know how long it would last but I feel life is right.
  • fam-joy: just 15 min playing cards with An and spouse were such a pleasant moments, lots of laughter and helped us truly being refreshed. wonderful wonderful fam time
  • hard-to-refresh: my mon priority is clear and I am happy about the progress (felt like 100% achieved for health habits and children plans, very little on science interview prep but 100% satisfaction) still .. I felt restless and couldn’t sleep longer as wished .. usually shallow sleep around 5am … this stays similar for my spouse. … morning walk and quiet time helps but not bring the sleep quality yet
  • keyword: surface-level conflict, upset about the action/reaction, the core issue, transparency, vulnerability open up doors to resolution .. and bring about the work God wants to do in the relationship
  • ヤコブ5:16 (JCB)お互いに罪を告白し、祈り合いなさい。正しい人(honest)の祈りは大きな力があり、驚くほど効果があります(God helps).
  • thought: I am impressed about how the plan could see the key principle under the God’s Words and apply it to any general relationship e.g. at work. 正しい人 meant to me that it matters the most how each side are honest in opening up on the issues, this quality is the requirement for the 驚く効果, which meant to me is God’s working. 互いに罪を告白し、祈り合い here meant to me the process, the willing of opening up and .. wishing the goods for others (the willing to mend the relationship).
  • Thank you Lord for your wonderful wisdom. I am inspired by how other christians are so gifted in interpreting your words so wonderfully. I hope to become like them, not just apply your words for myself but for others as well.
  • I pray for 2nd child arrive in our family ^^
  • I pray for your ways be revealed and realized in my life and my loved ones’ lives. amen




My daily battles along with faith

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My daily battles along with faith

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