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Day 163. 2021 Jun 10


  • continue on a morning habit of walk/run .. reminded to maintain this hope that the Lord is continuously healing my body and I just need to believe, relax and commit to a good start of a habit for life (vs. tension on comparative looks on others achievement in terms of distance and speed .. which might drive me away from joy and give in to unnecessarily ambitious plan, so give in into the negativity of self-disappointment)
  • our child development milestones continue to be the joy and the shared joy and connected conversation between spouse and myself .. reminded to rejoice and focus on the reality (vs. tension on not-much-progressive plan for 2nd child)

Journal sharing

  • Acts 7:54–59 JCB: Stephen died before Paul .. cont on story of Paul ..
  • Acts 9:31 JCB .. そして教会はユダヤ、ガリラヤ、サマリヤのすべてでも守られ、どんどん増え広がっていきました。そして、心から主を恐れつつ、精霊に励まされて前進し続けました。


  • inspired to understand what the church leaders stand for .. look at the truth what they stand for, not at the outward looking of influence .. and the risk that they are bearing with their own lives .. and how their lives making legacy for other young church leaders to stand on ..
  • 心から主を恐れつつ、精霊に励まされて前進し続けました .. 自分のcallingに(not calling of others)

My daily battles along with faith