Rest Season. Rest in the Lord and Move forward unlimitedly in Secret, in Humility, in foundation Skills of ask-for-help, connection and give a little, develop vision for the next season.

2 min readApr 28, 2022



Apr 29. Fri. Showa-no-hi holiday in JP


  • new level of God-confident growth in me?: feel behind progress at work (lots of sleep during the days in Apr, due to pregnancy and weather change) but surprisingly feel “in control”. This must be God’s help and power. I still felt a sense of trust and being helped at work
  • joy of rejoin social connection: life group, 1:1 at work

Thanksgiving — Apr achievement

  • Food and nutrition care for fam: cook dinner mostly vs. late eat-out or bento. NEXT: hope to continue on vegie-soup training for An
  • Heathy habit: morning walk (plus run) w. spouse improves the sleep quality + mental health for both of us.
  • Social connection: restart well life group and started committing to kids zoom on Sunday. Also restart vnese mom lunch.
  • Na starts school and 家庭学習: she’s developing a habit of home-study-schedule (on wall) and prepare-for-school habits after school and in the morning, habit to wash her own hair and body
  • Career goal: I have increasing God-based confidence and interest in becoming a science manager in the future. I plan to start with enrich my experience inside a team mixed with SDE and scientists and learn to work and coach engineers. At the same time deepen my hand-on capability w. AWS and Lucene, and existing search systems and initiatives. NEXT: continue to commit on AWS, Lucene and search systems & initiatives. hope to start on business book about tech start-up or stories/paths become a science manager
  • Work management: (1) capability at work to rest during work hour (very grateful) help my survival in Apr (2) sprint productivity habit started and fruitful, improves focuses, effective alignment and a sense of in-control (3) practice thing-big: continue develop original ideas and attract good feedback or new perspectives from managers and scientists. NEXT: hope to continue to clarify the right work priority that fit with my needs of pregnancy rest. and ENJOY the work with purpose (brush skill on end-to-end DL deploy and operation within a mixed team of engineers and scientists+ build up others and give other opportunities)


  • So so grateful for all of this progress and humility and survival in your protection, Lord. Yes Lord, Your words helps us to go beyond human limitation and sail forward with humility and joy and invisible-to-the-world progress.


  • REST, this season of rest (golden week and pregnancy) but still move forward in secret with the Lord, in my humility and joy and deepen foundation skills of ask-for-help and connection.
  • エペソ2:10 この新しい生活は神がずっと以前から計画してくださったものであり、私たちが互いに助け合って過ごすためでした。
  • マタイ 11:28 重い束縛を受けて、疲れ果てている人たちよ。さあ、わたしのところに来なさい。あなたがたを休ませてあげましょう。




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