Purpose. Work/Social. Commit in the Mid of Ambiguity.

  • marriage: we had an argument yesterday morning. I was “half healed” but still I prefer a distance w. him. i went out by myself (did let him know that I had mtg soon so I would go grasp a quick lunch, but didn’t invite him to join) .. on the way home I saw him in the opposite direction. I thought of avoiding him by walking the diff route (all visible to him) .. but somehow I raised my hand and give him a wave .. and that was a moment of peace making, not complete by it was kicking off. of course, he was actively asking me what I got for lunch. I thought it was God’s teaching and leading helped.
  • children: she continues the joy of our heart, the core of our fam atmosphere. she is showing new dev milestone recently, she can wait until mom/dad is ready to respond to her. she is very positively responding to my request of otetudai.
  • season: cleaning our room, throwing away the 2-layer bed and organizing toys was such a great great satisfaction from yesterday night till now.
  • eat habit and skin condition: somehow my skin condition is getting slightly better. I am assuming that is the effect of eating enough protein.
  • sinful habit of not start right on what planned for the day, especially for work, when there is still ambiguity: i couldn’t complete what I plan for the day. it is still my ability to estimate and lack of focus to start on what I plan. this sinful habit dragging me and consume my attention and mental power. it kept me from enjoy my quality with people in front of me: fam or colleagues.
  • excercize: I need to but not starting on excercise, both running and muscle train at home
  • ネヘミヤ記 5:19 JCB 神様、この民に対して私のしたことをお心に留め、私を祝福してください。
  • Thank you for always listening to my pray, and helped me to listen and learn your voice by stopping listening to my voice. I’d like to practice this spirit of the verse to the people around me, especially for people at work, even they might have more experience or knowledge, but I have you and your blessings. Lead me without fear, commit to the work I believe is neccessary, and commit to it confidently even in the mid of ambiguity of what is the outcome or when it can be completed. thank you Lord.
  • I felt like I received a wisdom from You that maybe it is better for my kid to have sibling. I pray for one Lord, soon.
  • Help me and bless me with this vision to live showing examples to people through practicing Your Words. amen



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My daily battles along with faith