Purpose. My anger toward a broken world and a desire .. but I felt totally incompetent if the Lord does not approve.

  • spirit: the whole fam and myself is tiring. and the air is quiet but not healthy. claim is close to my mouth and heart. I am falling short of energy. I am burning out.
  • strength: eating habit is drifting again
  • heart: i was angry about the event at work .. deleting instance, my hurt was open again and i desire to build a new world that works for women and men together. but I felt impossible at the same time. when we still have the old heart and mindset about skills, evaluation, nothing will be changed. what needed to be done then? will God work with me on this broken heart and world.
  • holiday-rest: going out for lunch and shopping at laquar was good. An enjoyed the ramen, the pokemon ball throwing corner, the coloring card and coloring a balloon. I enjoyed the coloring as well. spouse done some shopping.
  • church connection: An likes the kid zoom, great to see Lulu there as well
  • finance literacy: sunday spend time to revisit DC plan and hoken plans, was a good learning
  • コリント II 12:10 JCB すべてはキリストのためであることを知っているので、その「とげ」も、侮辱(ぶじょく)も、苦しみも、迫害も、困難も、大いに喜んでいます。なぜなら、弱い時にこそ、私は強いからです。無力であるほど、それだけ、キリストに寄りすがるようになるからです。
  • Lord, this is exactly what I need. すべての困難に大いに喜びます。なぜなら、無力であるほど、キリストに寄りすがるようになるから. I believe that I am walking your plans for me Lord. I am here for a reason. I want to depend on You more and receive Your vision for me to change this broken world and my broken heart. amen.
  • I pray for protection, blessings, partners for my fellow fam and christian fellows. I pray for my home to increase in number of children and your wisdom of living. I pray for my vision to change this broken world for women and men. Fix the problem of my broken heart, Lord. Not escaping from it but confront it and bring changes from You.




My daily battles along with faith

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My daily battles along with faith

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