Purpose #9 まずあなたが、正しい模範を示すことです。真理を愛し、何事にも真剣に取り組んでいることが、だれの目にもはっきりわかるようにしなさい

Day 309 21nov04 thu. Ramp-up #3: spirit of a new beginner in a team


  • good social circle: we had a gathering with precious hoikuen yesterday. it went well with satisfaction. spouse said it was a good day. at farewell time, an was crying and everyone touch her head and comforting her. I felt favorite for my kid and my fam. i want to treasure this social circle by committing to attendance, learn from their examples (organization, the prep list, play heartfully with the kids)
  • get fam involved and share my workload: sharing the prep-list (precious star gathering) with spouse was a great move. he remembered to go get okashi and quickly share his expectation on lunch. an was super eager in helping in, she chose all the okashi packs and it was matching the preference of the kids. I have the best fam in the world but I’ve been doing wrong by trying to doing every tiny things by myself.
  • get spouse involved and share the children education mission: an plays with the tiny soccer ball very eagerly and focus. I am surprised and thankfully that the soccer ball was purchased based on conversation between spouse and the kid. I am totally hand-off. indeed, interaction and personal relationship between spouse and the kid making lots of impact i couldn’t image. I am inspired to try similar at my work env: share more about what trouble I’m having and open space for others to come to help.
  • tech tool ramp-up: learning the ticket terminology helps increase greatly the comfortability and productive of browsing the tickets/sprint

Life challenge

  • the stand-up meeting steals peace and rest of my private time, causing some level of anxiety of what i need to do and what to share, it is stealing some peace within myself. I want to enjoy it as it is, listen to understand what others are focusing on, ask for help with what I am doing
  • gap of dev tool steals peace and rest of my private time, code, olopa, pipeline
  • structuring the key workstream in ramping plan, have good understanding as scientist, what is worth paying more attention as a scientist, what not. what is the good ratio of time dedication to how to join in the ticket based daily work of sdes, develop the extract entrance for what kind of values I can add into the team (from David: evaluation, improve/automate the science logic/code).


  • テトスへの手紙2:6–8 JCB
  • 2:6 同じように青年にも、思慮深く(思慮:しりょ-注意をはらって考え判断すること)、まじめに生活するように勧めなさい
  • 2.7 まずあなたが、正しい模範を示すことです。真理を愛し、何事にも真剣に取り組んでいることが、だれの目にもはっきりわかるようにしなさい。良識をもって、筋道を立てて話しなさい。そうすれば、私たちに反対する者たちは何も言えなくなって、かえって恥じ入るでしょう。


  • Lord, I felt a sense of impossible mission from your Words, living as an example for the youth in my team, while I felt there are a big gap of hard skills between them and myself and the different in role. Do you want to me practice love & humility while I felt strong worries and inconfidence and lost about the direction. Help me be courageous in communication and asking for help with good questions, amen.



My daily battles along with faith

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