Purpose #3: 良い助言をくれる人が少ないと計画は失敗し、多いと成功します

Day 297. 21oct22 fri. Theme/Call=Find the right buddy for my short plan of spiritual training


  • free time: my todo list in 2week-off email thread has been simplified a lot and I have next week open almost for nothing yet .. such a precious feeling
  • health: I felt much better and sleep quality got satisfied level. This could be one of the key factor (beside water drinking) why I got spinning head, or at least body condition drop off

Life challenge

  • clear goal, not todo list or wish list, in order to live everyday with satisfaction and develop capacity to care for others, beside my fam circle
  • realized from my simplified 2 week-off email thread that I am not having a clear goals/purposes and wish list, tiny todo list. 目的と集団のがちゃまぜ

Goal/Purpose List

  • [unclear how] Spiritual training: Oct-Dev: God-driven leadership skills to develop with gentleness, humility, patience, able to teach and instruct others. NEXT: .. pray and listen through journaling + Ask if imuy can be my advisor for this goal, to pray for me and spend sometime to share about the progress??. Just ask imuy. Keep in mind that other member could be the partner
  • My health maintain habit: Oct: recover from head spinning sickness (assumed causes = {sleep quality + water drinking + stressful work season + weather change}). NEXT: .. do not plan mental & brain-heavy activities, take rest for recovery
  • My health maintain habit: Nov-Dec: lose weight to decrease impact on the weak knees, in order for long term running habit. NEXT: try a book and evaluate the result, then decide next step
  • Less-distracted home env: Oct-Nov: NEXT: setup for myself a comfortable working space with a working desk and space
  • Prioritize Christian Fellowship: Oct-Dec: organize the 1st offline connect group .. talk and share and refresh together. NEXT: share with them my motivation and ask if members are interested or ask for other idea
  • Prep for An’s starting school: Dec-Mar: NEXT: beside her study room and .. study habit .. not sure what, when, how
  • [unclear how] Technical Career in FAANG toward sustainable tech career in next 10 years: Nov-Dec: done negotiate to pause for 2 months. … needing … a mechanism to train coding interview skills regularly .. in daily life
  • one week off new trial: program to automate something, code, news reading, book reading or diet focus 予約の取れない女性専門トレーナーが教える 筋トレなし. NEXT: 7 day diet because of high impact on health and follow the need of resting for recovery of this season.

Receive: Question for My Spiritual Training: Do you have some who play these roles in your life? “I can help to have someone listening with and for us .. someone to pray for us.”

  • Pray for the right buddy for my one week spiritual training: 箴言 15:22–23 JCB 良い助言をくれる人が少ないと計画は失敗し、多いと成功します。良い助言は喜びをもたらし、時宜(じぎ~right timing)にかなったことばは、いかにすばらしいものか


  • Lord, thank you for developing my plan of spiritual training by reminding me that it is good to have good friend who can help me by working together with me along this short journey. I pray for me to find such a right buddy to train my spiritual journal to become more gentle, humble, patience, able to teach .. in interact with Christian fellows as well as family and people at social circles and at work so that we both are becoming 霊的に高まる Christian. Amen

My daily battles along with faith