Purpose #2: 信仰と愛を保ち、純粋な心で主を愛している人々とのつきあいを、大切にしなさい

Day 296. 21oct21 thu. Theme/Calling =God driven leadership: gentleness, humility, patience, able to teach and give instruction to others


  • spinning head’s completely gone today, so grateful to have quiet time at WN today writing this down. What Changed (guess the effect): sleep by myself (single mattress), anything else?
  • social with An’s ballet classmate moms: yesterday was able to watch An’s ballet class to the end for the 1st time. the kid needs mom/dad walk together with them, at least for the first steps, this would become their confidence and develop motivation to continue. Some word exchange with the moms and walk home together was leaving an impression. What Changed: yesterday’s journal about purpose #1 which motivating me about 人を恐れず人と共に歩む God-driven-confidence, perhaps I already have the thought that social is beneficial for An, as the kids would join the same school.
  • morning cafe + breakfast time with pp: was refreshingly great. food (not only cafe) contributes greatly to the quality of today talk. must be my mental 余裕 as well (I’m taking holiday)

Life challenge

  • habit to maintain health, for long term walk with fam and the kids. What Happened: I got spinning head 3 times in 1.5 months, each last 4–7 days → Hint: shared with pp this morning. he suggested to do CT scan. I agreed that I should do CT in parallel but I still need to have a solution. Then reminded that sleep-by-myself could be a potential option to recover one of the critical problem of sleep quality. → NEXT: sleep solution, watch a timing to walk again, loose 2kg weight and start run again.
  • aggregated-tiny-distraction from home env: An’s room and untidy living room (stuffs on the floor) distracting my focus and deepen my stress and 無力感 everyday. I need a healthy env which helps me relax and refresh everyday → NEXT: setup for myself a comfortable working space, …
  • wish to move around FAANG company: lực bất tòng tâm, I cann’t find evidence to support this desire. pp said a few months ago about an option to negotiate to delay the interview for 4 months and continue but What Happened: a new health problem revealed recently: spinning head happen repeatedly and even my morning walk cann’t. → NEXT: negotiate to wait for a pause of 2 month, just to gain clarity of the new opportunity
  • An’s 就学 starting: lunch box … and unsure about if An would enjoy the environment of 国立小 .. our observation: she enjoy social env where she interactive with others her ways (e.g. ピアノ先生, ベトナム語先生, バレエのクラスメート etc.) → NEXT: pray

Purpose Series

  • from Bible One Year 2021 w. Nicky Gumbel: Develop Others: “Great leaders all have one thing in common. They know that acquiring and keeping good people is a leader’s most important task” writes John Maxwell in his book “Developing the Leaders Around You”
  • Blue Book: Leading Others to Jesus: {Sharing From Your Experience, Helping People With Prayer and the Word, Seeing Potential in People, Encouragement, The Great Commission, Making Disciples, Raising Up Leaders}
  • Purpose #2: Lead Others the God’s ways: with gentleness (must not quarrel), patience, humility, ability to teach and give instructions

Receive: Prioritize Christian Fellowship

  • (むなしい議論はしない) テモテ II 2: 14- (14) つまらない問題で論争するのを、主の名によって禁じなさい。… (19) しかし神の心理(死者の復活)は、巨大な岩のように …
  • テモテ II 2:22 いつも正しいことをしたいという気持ちをいだいていなさい。信仰と愛を保ち、純粋な心で主を愛している人々とのつきあいを、大切にしなさい
  • テモテ II 2:24 過ちを犯(おか)している人を、やさしく忍耐をもって正すことができるようになりなさい。真理に逆らう人たちを、謙遜な心で教え諭(さと)しなさい。おだやかに、思いやりをもって話せば、神の助けによって、その人はまちがった考え方を改め、真理を悟るかもしれません。そうして目覚めた人たちは、罪の奴隷として思うままにあやつる悪魔のわなから逃れ、神のみこころに従うようになるでしょう。


  • prioritize christian fellowship
  • God-driven way to help others (God driven leadership): gentleness, humility, patience, able to teach and instruct others


  • Thanks for connecting the dot on my desire to define My Purposes which are accordingly to Your Plans, Lord. Help me to train myself spiritually so that I can practice the leadership ways without quarreling but with gentleness, patience, humility and ability to teach and give instruction.
  • Help me to practice this leadership with my christian fellow
  • as well as with my social friends and colleagues at work.
  • I pray for health healing for spouse, myself and eating habit for my child.
  • I pray for 2nd child coming in the right timing.
  • what should I do with the ggl interview Lord?

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