Purpose 18 “神様、この民に対して私のしたことをお心に留め、私を祝福してください

Day 321. 21nov16 tue. Commit to Work 1. 神を恐れる人には何より(富)も神さまからの祝福が欲しいんだ


  • work: team engage: welcome dinner was good as I felt normal and not a sense of anxiety. I like the characters within the team. I hope to be able working well, building a good culture with them.
  • fam: night time: tooth brush at 9pm and nombiri time after that was easy and good. an did drawing with the quarderno, while I organize my mtg note a bit.
  • self: quiet time: I’m doing journaling in the morning and when I’ve started to listen to worship songs everyday again?

Life challenge:

  • random: could not fall in to sleep after an did. It is not clear what is the cause, could be the jasmine tea at dinner, could be something about the dinner left. I still think it is the tea.
  • random: my journaling sharing with life group was somehow awkward

random: maybe I am mentally exhausted with the ramping lost

  • work: team engage: I hope to improve english (listen comprehensive ) better so I can be part of the joking and conversation. Develop common topic with the team e.g. sport, JP culture theater e.g. kabuki, museum art etc.
  • work: manager: 1:1 with him was fine. what he said made sense.
  • soft skill: english: to a level to join the conversation well
  • topic with spouse: news selection again

Receive: Commitment at work

  • devotional: “if you ask someone to do something and they only do half the job, would you trust them to do it again? it is their dedication to completing the job all the way through and doing it well that allows you to entrust them with more.”
  • devotional: “in what ways are we ensuring that we can be trusted with the assignment God has given us” → commitment to what has been given: my health, my spouse, house work, work, manager and support to the team.
  • ネヘミヤ記 5:1- 19 JCB (chapter name: ユダヤ人の間の問題) (ネヘミヤが総督を努めた) … 私は非常な憤り(いきどおり)を感じました(note: this anger come from the juice that fear the Lord)。しばらく考えたのち、裕福な官僚たちを厳しく責めることにしました。 … そして、彼らの処分を … 彼らは、全く反論することができませんでした。 … 祭司たちを招集し、正式に誓わせました.
  • cont. 5:14- 私についていえば、アルタシャス王の治世.. 20年間、ユダの総督を務めましたが、その間、… 一銭も給料や援助を受け取りませんでした。… 神を恐れる私は、そのようなことはしませんでした。私はひたすら城壁の工事に励み、ホチの投機に手を出すことなど絶対にしませんでした。部下たちにも、工事に専念するよう命じました。…それでも新たな課税することはしませんでした。そうでなくても、国民の生活は苦しかったからです。神様、この民に対して私のしたことをお心に留め、私を祝福してください


  • I am impressed about the character of Nerimah, I pray that you are leading me to a character like that, amen.