Purpose 17 主がたてたものでなければ、家を建ててもむだです

  • random: kid money school like a wake up call, about 教育費 and 老後費
  • fam satisfaction: spouse booked for us a half day event called kid money school, which turned to be both satisfied for myself and the kid. he is bringing new necessary info/element into our family, in terms of new experience for the kids and knowledge on finance for us all
  • fam morning time: we had a great SAT morning at WN. We had 3 set of ham-egg set fully satisfied. I could review my week journal, bringing some structure into it
  • fam night time: tooth brushing at 9pm was a hopeful step. I hope this continues and help prevent my child from eating late before bed
  • health diet: cont. on good ben
  • fam morning time: cannot say it is satisfied time. we ended up arguing a bit on unworthy thing. Still, I felt lack of time. for sleep, for bath, for journal, for fam needs me, for work … perhaps, NEXT: reduce this outside breakfast to twice a week and plan it better.
  • fam night time: spouse suggested continue on end-game and I couldn’t refuse it strong enough. though I like the together time, I still ended up multitasking again
  • finance: care for dad
  • finance: education and retire finance
  • evening milestone or time spend: multitasking in the evening
  • devotional: “it is easy to get caught up with our own plans for our lives, families and ministries. This psalm is a wonderful reminder that ultimately you are totally dependent on the Lord. This is a message of great comfort but it is also a challenge.”
  • 詩篇 127:1- JCB 主がたてたものでなければ、家を建ててもむだです。…主は、愛する者には必要な休息を与えようとなさるお方です。子どもたちは主からの贈り物であり、報いです。
  • Lord, I hope that the home I’m trying to build on is the home you want to bless. Help me to see others with love. I will try to see if your blessings are on others, as a sign for me to invest my effort rightly.
  • Bless our dinner connect with team tonight Lord and lead me to find the right focus with the team. amen



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My daily battles along with faith