Purpose 12: Teach the kids great character by being a family that serves others together

  • family: my fam is the best in the world. yesterday night nombiri time was full of laughter. Even i did a mistake of ending my work day late (8:45pm), and multitasking (play iphone game while watching news), this short time helped pull me back together.
  • work-with: i learnt that in this team, it is good to grasp people for help with info, demo and questions, don’t wait. Such a simple principle but it could cause a drift so easily
  • diet effect: my body feels lighter and the haiben seems getting improved. spouse is happy about the good effect.
  • an’s eating volume: increase a bit at the volume :), her face looks rounder.
  • life group connect: easy and peaceful. I felt a sense of deeper connection
  • plan estimate: I planned the afternoon to read 2 quip doc about TMR and I thought I have yoyu, but it was totally reversed. I didn’t plan time for {lunch , break, track sim & OP1 doc} as well as milestone of the day {pickup, cook, dinner}. It was giri giri and stressful before pickup. Also I should also plan time to summarize and decide next step. this is the most important action of the whole story plan.
  • work late & evening milestones: I made a lesson of this week to kiriage work early and make intentional rest time, but as I didn’t plan time to summarize and next step, i took time for {summarize, search tech talk, email:saison card, outlook}. I should plan the milestone for evening time: {dinner menu at lunch time, pickup, cook, dinner, news, an’s study, email, broadcast/study, nombiri, bed}
  • condition: katakori, back pain and tiring eyes. I want to plan exercise again
  • devotional: Serve Together as a Family: “teach the kids great character by being a family that serves others together” e.g. church activities, visit elder community
  • マタイ 25:40 「あなたがたが、これらの困っている一番小さい人たちに親切にしたのは、わたしにしたのと同じなのです」
  • Lord, thanks you for always bringing new element of joy and actionable ideas into our lives. I love the idea of teaching children about character by serve together with them. I pray for an opportunity, Lord. amen.




My daily battles along with faith

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My daily battles along with faith

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