Purpose #1: 精霊の知恵と力を漲らせ、人を恐れず人を愛し人と共に歩む

Day 295. 21oct20 wed. Theme/Calling= My Purposes is God’s Plans


  • the hard experience with hand-off あえて giving me a good and sharp break now (e.g. I’m less pulled into thoughts of failure of achieving promotion or being exploited by manager or PMs). I should thank God and amijii for making it a hard time for me
  • the hard experience with めまい reminding me to relax and unchain myself from plans, hard hard study-interview plans, news reading plans, teaching plans or even social plans, even the health habit plans … every of these plans perhaps only medium for me to be enjoying this life, not the purpose of this life.

Life challenge

  • google interview plan: continue or drop. drop now and continue later or drop totally. why? what is the underline strategy behind each of this choice? lack of clarity why I pursue a choice, was it the missing piece? and the key factor of failing to make progress?, but gaining only unnecessary stress or sickness !?
  • dissatisfaction/shame-on from promotion plan:


  • plans vs. purposes ごちゃまぜになっていない?
  • plans come directly from my personal (selfish) desire, it is super easy to plan or making a lot of plans
  • but defining purposes are very very hard. there are tons of factors we don’t have control over (e.g. relationship, what others think, their culture of behavior, their characters or the world trend, preference, happenings, context)
  • perhaps, God is calling me to seek and define this purposes with Him. My purposes need to link closely to His purposes (His plans, not my plans). I should change my vocab His Plans = My Purposes. I need to know His Plans and define my Purposes accordingly to the strength He’s equipped on myself. Perhaps, spiritual training or listening & praying (not plan or track) is the method to define my purposes.

Receive/Quote from “Your Most Important Task” of Bible One Year 2021 w. Nicky Gumbel

  • Develop Others/: “Great leaders all have one thing in common. They know that acquiring and keeping good people is a leader’s most important task” writes John Maxwell in his book “Developing the Leaders Around You”

Blue Book: Leading Others to Jesus

  • Sharing From Your Experience
  • Helping People With Prayer and the Word
  • Seeing Potential in People
  • Encouragement
  • The Great Commission
  • Making Disciples
  • Raising Up Leaders


  • Lord, thank you for the past journey, lots of deep and shallow pains which now helped me to realize the simple truth that there stand a big gap between what I call plans and Your Plans, which should be my Purposes to pursue. Help me to walk the way to discovery Your Plans, My Purposes through identifying the strength and good desires You’ve equipped within me. Help me to define the purposes for the coming 40s, 50s season and lead me to Your paths, amen.


  • テモテ II 1:6 JCB ですから、お願いしたいのです。私があなたの頭に手を置いて祈った時、あなたのうちに注ぎ込まれた力と勇気を、もう一度、奮い起こし(ふるいおこし)なさい。なぜなら、神が私たちに与えてくださった精霊は、人を恐れず、知恵と力とをみなぎらせ(overflow?)、人を愛し、喜んで人と共に歩むようにさせてくださる霊だからです

My Purposes (God’s Plans)

  • 神が与えてくれた霊を私の自信知恵として持って (spiritual training?)
  • Fear: 人を恐れず
  • Love: 人を愛し、
  • Walk: 喜んで人と共に歩む

My daily battles along with faith