Prepare and Plan: Spend time thinking strategically. Pray Consistently.「どのくらいかかるのだ。いつ戻って来るのか」 王が尋ねた。.. さっそくの日取りを決めた。.. 王に願い事を申し出た。「.. お命じに .. ◯◯ に必要..

  • Get fresh thinking and See how the wind changes (God’s move)
  • God-given passion (career) = become a person that are helpful/necessary for organization (and community such as fam, big fam, mom community, vietnamese community). Look forward to have deep understanding of the goals of org and communities. Training myself to have good org-scope (community-scope) understanding and build up skills that helpful for the goals of org/community and develop others around. This has an overlap with the world perspective of manager in the corporate world.
  • fam increase. fam united in Jesus. fam serve together at church. tithed again this month.
  • fam increase, for beautiful and healthy children and guidance for us to raise him/her to a strong children of God.
  • fam united in Jesus
  • fam serve together at God’s community
  • career passion to become a org-scope scientist (helpful and necessary for achieving the org’s goals)
  • tiring a bit, some coughing
  • strategy to grow myself into an org-scope scientist
  • how to mentor/develop others effectively
  • a full day, satisfied day yesterday
  • mental capacity at work: 1:1 with manager to align about Q1 focuses was helpful and clear. I felt like I have capacity to start what I like now science excellence meeting (develop others and deepen understanding about search org) and start on a paper publishing projects. I need to pray consistently about this.
  • a peaceful and joyful home environment, 3 of us at home, so peaceful and satifying. Each has our own space but we are connected with each other during the day. An totally focused on her things. I enjoyed cooking and meal time. An’s eating more and talkative during the meal. I long for another child to join this wonderful and joyful home environment. I hope to expand to share it with others ^^, amen.
  • plan: career transitions — Plan and Prepare
  • Nehemiah was clear in what he asked the King (.. if it please the king, let letters be given me for the … that he may give me timber .. )
  • As you work through a career transition, spend time thinking strategically and be prepared for the God-given opportunities that are before you.
  • ネヘミヤ記 2:6 JCB 「どのくらいかかるのだ。いつ戻って来るのか」 王は私に尋ねました。.. さっそく出発の日取りを決めました。この他にも、私は王に願い事を申し出ました。「もしよろしければ、…お命じになってください。.. ◯◯ に必要なのです神の深いお恵みのおかげで、願いは叶えられました
  • Thank you Lord for already granting your given passion to become a org-scope person, who has deep understanding about the goals and motivation of the org, the circles and aim to be a necessary person for them. I feel it so right and forward to it.
  • Please guide me step by step and fill me with your enormous love and passion to continue and learn and grow. Help me to open my eyes to follow your lead closely, Lord.
  • Please accept my 1st fruit sacrifice and bless me for a baby that will grow strongly in Your way and walk with me in every step of this new HOPE of grow into a org-scope person and testify about this journey with my christian fellows so that Your name and ways will be glorified, amen.
  • tithe
  • have a full and joyful and forward looking day
  • work: get akokot project ready and review with akokot
  • work: align about the next step for EU5 scope expansion, on the source for EU5 language support
  • work: have deep understanding about over-triggering and weblab for synonym testing
  • work: share with team about my Q1 focus (plus update it to the sim): RMT, CW, science excellence meeting to deepen understanding of search org, system and motivations.
  • read with An
  • find for her an english app
  • year-hope clinic 1st appointment



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My daily battles along with faith