Pray & Journal about a Godly family and my Role

Day 302. 21oct27 wed. Theme/Call=setup goals for sustainable family


  • 2 week holiday with high satisfaction. I didn’t make good progress on my items such as shopping, spa, hair cut, nail care etc. But lots of progress in make change to house env (an’s room and my room now). Change & wash clothe for fall season. fix prolonged pc issues such as firmware and office install. Tiny little things I’ve prolonged for so long: NISA account move. cancel plans without progress such as google interview. mental capacity for fam event celebration and really enjoy it. time capacity to follow up with child ballet event. import things I always want to prolong year end tax and apply for dad, book for regular cancel exam (next is auto manage money flow). commit to one social plan. kick off a healthy diet for the 1st time.

Life challenge

  • how to build simple mechanism for the following goals (目標~中間点、手段), which links to the right purpose (目的~final 目標) link
  • setup the right PURPOSE: race a life which is pleasing the Lord, protect my freedom/salvation till the end, leave a legacy of example life to people around me. P0: sustainable character: showing/leaving examples for people in my circles through my vision, my words, my actions, my time and my sharing. P1: sustainable health for a long and satisfied life. P2: sustainable finance to support core fam lives, children education/experience and bigger fam lives for a life time. Px: sustainable family: xxx … .
  • setup mechanism (benchmarking, PDCA cycles) for the right GOALs
  • P0=sustainable character: goal=humble, gentle person. output=journal blog or public inspiring content. plan=pray & journal habit. kwd=xxx.
  • P0=sustainable character: goal=ability to teach/correct/instruct others. output=key person in terms of voicing and commitment. plan=church connect group commitment. kwd=xxx.
  • P0=sustainable character: goal=selective service expansion to social circles. output=satisfied and connected life. plan=commit/organize regular social events. kwd=read news for social community sharings + organize gathering for relation buildup and sharing. target users are both family, church fellows, colleagues and social friends.
  • P1=sustainable health: goal1=sustainable organic body. output=-3kg weight lost. plan=regular diet week. kwd=condition control
  • P1=sustainable health: goal2=one regular strength control habit. output: body movement. plan=running habit. kwd=condition control.
  • P1=sustainable health: goal3=regular refresh habit. output: satisfied work-fam-quiet balanced life. plan=xxx. kwd=xxx
  • P1=sustainable health: goal4=regular health checkup. output=health checkup rank A. plan=commit to regular checkup and save data to dropbox. kwd=regular health checkup and manage history data
  • P2=sustainable finance: goal1=continuously brush up the hard skills (knowledge and implementation) to deliver quickly. output=quarter/annual evaluation. plan=code practice, paper reading. kwd=simple work habit, narrowed area of strength not the interest, including easy FAANG career.
  • P2=sustainable finance: goal2=effectively communication skills to clarify the work scope, expectation and compellingly present result to peers. output= peer feedbacks, mentor/manager feedbacks. plan=buildup community to practice, 1:1 with stakeholders for quality feedback. kwd=xxx.
  • P2=sustainable finance: goal3=selective knowledge/experience expansion, trend catchup. output=publication, talk event, leading experience. plan=be very selectively in choose which community to attend regularly and the clear commitment and expected outcome. kwd=event/conference/study-group attend/lead/share habit e.g. apac-nlp, ML conferences
  • P2=sustainable finance: goal4=selective invest habit for easy 50s,60s life. output=annual +5% assess increase with medium risk. plan=read news habit, regularly re-evaluate real estate investment, new options.
  • P3=sustainable family: goal=xxx. output=xxx. plan=read content+social. kwd=fam health management
  • P3=sustainable family: goal=2nd child. output=xxx. plan=xxx. kwd=fam increase
  • P3=sustainable family: goal=xxx. output=xxx. plan=xxx. kwd=selective education
  • P3=sustainable family: goal=xxx. output=xxx. plan=xxx. kwd=selective life experience expansion


  • Lord, thank you for helping me understand that I don’t have clear purposes/vision or goals for my current and future family. Help me to discover your wisdom and plans in this area of my life. Bless it and let it grow to your wonderful promises. amen

My daily battles along with faith