Pentecost the Guide of my everyday life. My eyes to see the Truth.

June 11. Sat. Still tiring but I felt hope and gratefulness in my sleep.


  • team knowledge share went well w.o. good preparation of out it. Maybe I’ll go with this imperfection more. But I’d like to do better preparation next time to serve people better.
  • I’ll start scrum master from next week, just as it is
  • pha project proposal starts feeling fun
  • during sleeping, my brain recognized a wonderful thing that I am not limited by pregnancy, as usually I would feel about. I am eager to build up for my identity, contribution at work w. a clear desire and opportunity to scrum master. I am eager to pursuit experience to dip into deep learning model dev. I am look forward to the reward from the Lord for commitment at work. I am working on all of that. it does feel impossible at normal, but it does feel possible when I stand on the Lord’s hand. I know it may not come out exactly as I expect but I have HOPE that the VISION is being shaped and Your plan is coming to me.
  • look forward to hang out w. ulul fam today, for An to build up friendship w. christian kids.
  • indeed, I see blessing to my June challenge. God is bringing goodness and realize it: trip to VN, hang out w. christian fam, hang out w. hnahk, hong gnoh, vnese fam.


  • I see invites for me, even in this pregnancy e.g. hackerX I don’t want to limit myself because I am back by the Lord. I’d like to be ready-in-pregnancy, in spirit, wearing loving and authentic and humble spirit. Also want to be ready in attire, style, be wise in approaching people for the Lord.

Receive: Pentecost

  • The Holy Spirit is the special, God-given Guide sent to not only guide your everyday choices, but to be the truthful voice louder than the rest
  • Without the Holy Spirit, you would be lost in your understanding of what God is trying to reveal in His Word
  • When you feel conviction, listen to the Spirit and remember the promises in His Word. The Holy Spirit will guide you into the truth — and the truth will set you free
  • As Pentecost approaches, worship God and thank Him for the gift of the Holy Spirit as the Guide in your life.
  • ヨハネの福音書 16:13 JCB しかし、真理である聖霊が来られます。その方の指導を受けて、あなたがたもいつか、すべての真理を知るのです。聖霊は、自分の考えを述べたりしません。ただ、聞くままを伝え、やがて起こることについても話します
  • I realized that the HS has been with me for long, giving my conviction when I chose wrong w. my temptation, my emotional hostility/critisizing to but offer attitude, calm, truthful thoughts, suggestion. For family, it has been to desire to pray for each of them, to trust in of them in God hands, even I felt impatient from time to time. At work, it is the desire to build up unity, mutual help and desire to be in the relationship and pray for them. amen.


  • I have HOPE, enormous HOPE for my new age coming. that as long as I follows the voice of the HS, I’ll walk further in the paths that God has prepared for me, amen. I will be bold in my vision. I’ll be a prayer, a encourager, a listener to people a round me. I’ll show You my joy and living spirit in a struggling world. amen. I’d like to expand myself to more people, Lord. to the scientists to learn from them and build up connection of goodness and experience. to the managers to build up trust, support, to fix my huge untrust for the role. I want to be a good one. amen.

2022 Jun worship songs

  • Rooftops, youtube. To share this love across the earth

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My daily battles along with faith