Open for God to Work within Me and Trust Him in the visions granted this year. That He’s working on them and beyond them. I just need to be wise and patiently Follow the lead and do my part of Trust, enjoy my journey, taming my obsession.

  • get fresh thinking and see how the Wind blows
  • fam increase, fam united, fam serve together in the Lord’s house
  • walk with the Lord, explore the way of becoming org/community-scope people: understanding ppl’s pain, needs, passions, goals through deep connection and developing the right skills
  • work extremely busy schedule: project regular mtgs, 1:1 mtgs, technical challenges, pressure to study to catch up … effecting (1) body strength e.g. sit/sleep 姿勢 (2) mood, patience to fam and (3) shorten capacity and lower quality in fam services and more (4) no capacity to make connection.
  • support and understanding of my core fam, life group, and most of all the Words of the Lord
  • エペソ 3:20 ALIVE 神の力が私たちの内に働くとき、神は私達が求めるものや、考えることをはるかに上回ったことを行うことができる。
  • Thank you, Lord. That this time I am reminded about the vision of this year .. of keep being fresh by going back to Your Words, and trust that in the right time, you will grant me what I am hoping for, for my fam, for own growth in all the environments I am put into.
  • I pray for my kids, spouse, life groups sisters, parents and siblings and their families, our rooted next generation .. for us all to be dwelled harmony with Your callings, have the strength to face the daily challenges and remember to get back to You everyday, amen.
  • Help me with my seasonal challenge Lord. Grant me wisdom to DO it ALL, Lord, so that someday I can talk about my success by patiently walking your Ways and the Glory goes to You, amen.



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My daily battles along with faith