Number 77 and the Beautiful & Faithful Redemption Plan

Day 80. 2021 Mar 19

Wash: I joined life group connect yesterday after 2 weeks off, out of tight deadline and overwhelmed workload. I was such a great emotion connected with these girls. We learnt about self-control in the light of the Holy Spirit’s fruit. The teaching was simple and precise: don’t be waved by our emotions. I thought that being able recognize early the change/shift emotions is such a critical ability. This is especially challenging for mothers, especially working mothers, when there tend to be a overwhelming list of tasks and busy-ness made our body subconsciously chose to prioritize the task list and ignore the signals of physical tiredness. When we got things done, we’d easily fall into the state of burn-out .. when the flesh is weakest .. and spiritual power is at the bottom .. for myself the outcome was endlessly watching series, repeating a boring game and get on bed later .. creating a chain of negativity.

Thanksgiving: today’s started well: bathtub fun time with my kid, seeing her cheering faces, lots of laughter’s been such a great fun and joy. I lost confidence in raising a child, was such a miserable days and bear guilts. How can I share this evolutional change in my parenting life nowsadays?! May the Lord prepare a way for me to fulfil this testimony of change for the glory to be attributed to His name and ways. Also, to complete the little joy today: one meeting was moved so I’m having relaxing time at aa cafe to journal alone, while spouse sitting at a next table having his own relaxing morning. Only thanksgiving is what I can do for all of this, “♪♬ I raise a hallelujah, louder than the unbelief ♬”


  • “let not your heart turn aside to her ways; do not stray into her paths ..”, Proverbs 7: ESV
  • “Jesus (1), when he began his ministry, was about thirty years of age, being the son (as was supposed) of Joseph (2), the son of Heli (3), … the son of David (43), the son of Jesse (44), … the son of Judah (54), the son of Jacob (55), the son of Isaac (56), the son of Abraham (57), … the son of Shem (67), the son of Noah (68), … the son of Seth (76), the son of Adam (77), the son of God.”, Luke 3:23–38, ESV

I found familiar names in the family tree from Adam to Jesus .. I am surprised about the direct connection and the beautiful number. It makes sense and somehow reveals that there’ve been a beautiful plan underneath of these numbers. Forgive others seventy seven times .. was an related number when one disciple asked Jesus how many times should we forgive others .. I felt a connection with this number here. God has been patient in forgiving Adam and his sons for 77 generations (not 77 times) and the sin of disobedience was totally redeemed by Jesus. What a long .. and beautiful and faithful plan of forgiveness and redemption.

I desire to learn from this faithful and patient image of the Lord. I believe it is encrypted in our genes already, it is just the reminder for us to reactivate its power now.

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