No need to feel the Purpose postponed. My role Our role is to trust God’s process and timing. I am to be faithful with what He puts in front of us each day

  • so grateful for this moment of healing with worship songs. I am grateful for another world of free healing and goodness like this available for everyone to access. People just don’t know or scared of it. Indeed, there is an invisible Kingdom exists and works in our world. I so hope that others, especially my spouse find this healing power, and our children are built their foundation in this Kingdom of goodness and healing. CONTEXT: I stayed up late till 1pm for coding prep for next week study group, w. excitement and guilt as I am pregnant and generally it would brought consequences to the next coming days. But I got a good sleep with this worship song melody “praise the father, praise the Son, praise the Spirit Three in One ♪” played in my head during the night till this morning. I felt God is being with me and ready to poor out His grace of healing on me. I am so full and touched by His love.
  • in this moment of weakness (physically and spiritually from guilt and worries), I felt so firmly that God is transforming me. I had an VISION this morning that, as I walk and train myself in the way of Jesus. WHAT I RECEIVE KEEP INCREASE LARGER and WHAT I GIVE ALL INCREASE LARGER. SO my CAPACITY, my VASE of FAITH and CHARACTER GROWs BIGGER. by repeating the process of GIVING it ALL.
  • deeply grateful for our UNITED FAM, even each of us is imperfect in what we do (care for each other, care for ourselves, anxieties, dissatisfaction etc.). Indeed God is making perfection (united fam) in my imperfect fam. This inspires me so much about the power He can do for others as well, as long as I walk in His ways and develop HOPE (and pray) for the circles I’m in, He will naturally brings His influence to the circles around me.
  • Fam joy and harmony continues. We played the new game called Mancala that An suggested to buy. was lots of fun and requires to use hands and mind. We played algo game at the cafe. We ate simple and satisfied lunch & dinner at home. We each focused on doing things we love: spouse watched movies (he feedbacked positively about my comment the other day that he is inputting too much .. which is not good .. spend time to feel happy), An watches movie, then game, some sapix homework and I slept a lot, then coding
  • I don’t have work association sleep trouble for a while
  • morning banana and benpi somewhat works, I had less benpi trouble last week.
  • seasonal issue at work disappeared: I am surprised how quick God has brought healing to me. 2 days ago I was still having a lost-identity-at-work, with lost passion for people and a sense of anxiety and untransparent the devil tried to tempt me into. LOOK, it not here anymore.
  • sleep a lot was good
  • weight control
  • “When God’s purpose feel postponed”. Never forget that God develops the character we need to fulfill our purpose over time.
  • Our role is not to try to climb the proverbial ladder of success in our own strength so that we can fulfill our purpose. Our role is to trust God’s process and timing.
  • We are to be faithful with what he puts in front of us each day — we never know how he is using the little things to develop and prepare us for bigger things.
  • 1 Corinthians 2:9 GNT What no one ever saw or heard, what no one ever thought could happen, is the very thing God prepared for those who love him.”




My daily battles along with faith

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My daily battles along with faith

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