New Season Day 1: 恐れるな、わたしがついている .. 必ず成長させ .. 完成して下さる

Day 27x. 21Oct1 Fri. Theme = Anxiety and Insecurity toward the new season (work env and church env)


  • finding: just talking with an out-going and social person feels like delighted. it is a gift.

Receive: about overcome insecurity when God’s plan is coming

  • quote “at times it can be overwhelming when you are pursuing God’s plan for your life. When God reveals His plan to you, it is usually beyond your current skill set or ability. … level of education and outside of your financial budget. It will stretch you and challenge you to come out of your comfort zone and start becoming the person He desires for you to be”
  • The condition seems right, as when I am weak and insecure about my ability, current skill set, God’s power will be shown up. If I behave right in humility and truthfully, this is what pleases God for sure ^^
  • quote “as you learn to trust in His Word and apply it to your life, you will begin to gain a level of confidence and courage that overrides any feelings of insecurity”


  • ピリピ 1:6 (JCB)あなたがたのうちに良い働きを始められた神は、必ずそれを恵みのうち成長させ、やがてキリスト・イエスが帰って来られる日までに、それを完成してくださると、私は堅く信じています。
  • イザヤ書 41:10 (JCB) 恐れるな。わたしがついている …
  • 詩篇 31:24 (JCB) さあ、元気をだしなさい。もし、主に信頼しているなら、雄々しく(力強く勇ましい・いさましい)立ち上がりなさい。
  • ヘブル 10:35 (JCB) … どんなことがあっても、主を信じ続けなさい …

Transformed into my words

  • God has already been working myself. I knew the history and the outcome of His work: this confidence (with not based on my skills, ability or possession but based on following and trusting on the Lord, the confidence based on His wonderful love and highest sacrifice of Jesus. This confidence defeat my insecurities, fears and worries. ) and this family blessings (relationship with spouse, children, big family have been healed and even continue growing with forward looking eager hope) and this finance blessings (the convenient house, with sufficient finance for child to study and for us enjoy the material lives). Now, with the coming new season .. perhaps God wants me to expand myself to grow in social area, both at work environment and church environment. I don’t know for sure what is ahead, I do feel anxious but I am firmly confident that this is what please Him (expand my services into other lives .. and for their opportunity to see God’s power and love working in and through me, amen). I will continue. I will rest. I will consult with Him closely. amen.


  • Lord, thank you for leading me to this new season. I believe this direction pleasing you. and I felt extremely anxious and insecure. Help me to fulfill your calling for me. Strengthen me and work on heart (humility and say only the truth in the right tone). Walk with me and grant me success on your eyes please, amen.
  • I do have concerns about 2nd baby coming in the same time. But I want to trust on your timing and guidance, not on myself. amen.

My daily battles along with faith