New Season #9: Which Thoughts Break Relationship Before Building it Up

Day 284. 21oct12 Tue. Theme=不平voice? stepping stone to others … these thought break relationship, before it start building up


  • healing: my spinning head got healed today. was able to walk 30 mins outside. I need to learn the gratefulness of ability to walk and move freely everyday. action item: morning meditation 20 mins to calm and focus on the Lord.
  • work hand-over: mij and amijii are picking up my work this week.

Life challenge

  • voice of victim — a stepping stone for others: I still caught a sense that I am just a stepping stones of success for others. Kimono code is one personal story. korean movie about ika-game is a picturing story about this blaming voice. but that is how the world is operating on and it is imperfect according to the Bible. Still, today the Bible taught me to lead a quiet life, mind my own business and work with joy .. this way it will earn trust & command respect from non-christian.


  • aim for きよい生活: テサロニケ 4 (JCB) 1あなたがたは日々の生活で、どうしたら神をお喜ばせできるかをすでに知っているはずです。… 3–4神が望んでおられることは、あなたがたがきよくなることです。…きよらかな品位ある結婚生活を送って欲しい …9 クリスチャン同士の純粋な兄弟愛 … お互いに愛し合うこと … 国中のすべてのクリスチャンをおおうほど強いもの … そして、静かな生活を送り、仕事に身を入れ、喜んで働きなさい。そうすれば、クリスチャンでない人たちからも信用され、尊敬されることでしょう。また、他の人に負担をかけなくてすむでしょう


  • I felt like the Lord is pruning my desire to shine-with-title at work. This desire causes emotional separation and blame 不平 emotional toward others (feel as being exploited, being stepping stones for the success of others) , this becomes the firm blockers to break relationship rather than making it. If I want to make relationship in the Lord way, I would better to take careful check on my heart and voice of 不平 in my heart.
  • Help me to continue to focus on the right things which please you, Lord. Guard my marriage, Get along well with my Christian family and Commit to work the way that demands trust and respect from non-christian.
  • I pray for protection, forgiveness and guidance for everyone in my circle
  • I pray for another baby to join us at the right timing, amen.

My daily battles along with faith