My life is hidden in God. I can define purposes for my new life. Look out carefully to what He’s bringing to my life: lifehouse kids community, leading team mtg at work, more loving connection with VN fams and FB community, more quality time with spouse and fam, new habits in books and bake-off shows. I should keep my mind on God’s pleasing purposes and relate my live with them accordingly with those purposes.

  • Good friday night with plenty of good things: I ended my science review with quite nice comment. An came home from soroban with a glad attitude as teacher gave her positive feedback. She decided to do the homework right away.
  • I am so grateful that spouse is paying lots of attention for An e.g. give An the freedom to choose the right timing to do her homework, so that it is just done (I lack of consistency on this). I am so grateful and I hope from the bottom of my heart that Jesus touches and transforms him to his new identity of a new life of joy, hope and love.
  • An is such a joy of our heart, our talk, our eyes and ears. She loves her new skirts and enjoy her school environment where she has friends to play with.
  • I am finding joy with morning book reading, dl4j coding and passion with semantic matching for search
  • i started my day with a grateful heart for my united fam. What I prayed for from the beginning of last year (when I started my excel sheet at ochadai cafe). I am receiving it now. I have hope that Jesus will touch and transforms spouse and our children.
  • the house is clean and it is a joy to just sit on the floor and play or watch TV
  • our girl talk on bed continues to be good. it puts smile on my face now ✿
  • gratefully recall that I don’t have work association sleep trouble recently. The Lord’s help is with me, indeed.
  • weight control
  • “Our purpose blossoms over time as God grows and expands our skills, our experiences, and who we are”. I should look and see how God is bringing and developing in my life: lifehouse kids zoom, leading team mtg at work, reading books about education and school, commenting more and chat with friends on FB, more private time with spouse and children at home, find my joy with watch bake-off.
  • Colossians 3:2–3 GNT Keep your minds fixed on things above, not on things here on earth. For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God
  • indeed that my old self has died for my sin and human being sin. But I live again now and my life is hidden from the death requirement of the Lord and from the attack of evils. I am free to discover my purposes for this new life.




My daily battles along with faith

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My daily battles along with faith

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