Make room for Him. Continues on my current plan: capacity, follow-up w. children and spouse, get along w. team and manager and career next step. わたしの前で誠実で、いつもわたしの命じることを守るなら.

  • good day ending: grateful for a day starting without plan but then filled with small and good things: copain breakfast, deep read a paper about quantifying stemming error, good kare soba, coffee connection at vie, a good snap, a clean house thanks to s.ota, 30 min follow up w. my kid’s homework and school preparation. Asobu is my magic keyword to motivate her at this moment. good dinner, 7pm news time w. spouse, lots of laughter night and a ofuro closed it all.
  • good sleep: spouse volunteered to separate An and myself to make room for my pregnancy sleep trouble. Our kid reacted emotionally as she wants to attach with me, but things turned out well. I am grateful for having my own space and good sleep
  • 2 interviews in pregnancy: i thought I failed the technical test w. the consulting company and I was happy to leverage the time to kick-off on deep-train myself w. science and coding interview, plus experience w. Hackerank platform, but the test comes again. I am so grateful that He has prepared over the years not only for renewing my soul, mindset, but also a good resume that most of companies want to call me for an interview. Despite my shortcoming in the interview skills and hand-on skills.
  • children’s study habit follow-up: (1) maximum 30 mins to lead/manage their daily process of study habit and (2) the willing to give time to answer their needs (mostly to listen, talk, laugh and play w. them). it works gratefully
  • wonderful capacity with my spouse: grateful for it is still continues that we deep connect, through deep conflict about interest and style of conversation. 2 coffee connection a day, and lunch and during the day, so wonderfully.
  • new experience: Blinkist app to listen to book summary in 15–30 mins
  • mechanism to continue brushing my science interview skills (science breath, SQL, Python coding, data wrangling and modeling): desire to summarize it into a booklet
  • continue my career plan A: how to work w. engineers effectively. how to get good feedback from managers. how to
  • continue my career plan B: how to expand my interview experience and earn the kikkake to stretch my interview skill
  • continue on follow-up w. my children’s milestones: basic habit (eat, sleep, outdoor, study and new experience)
  • continue on follow-up w. my spouse’s interest: build a small business
  • 列王記Ⅰ 9:1–9 父ダビデのように、あなたもわたしの前で誠実で、いつもわたしの命じることを守るなら (full here)
  • I am grateful for this wonderful quiet season, where I am deepen into joy of taking care and get along w. my family, and joy in deep learn and taking small steps to prepare myself forward. I pray for Your ways in our life, Lord. Show me what You want me and my fam to do. amen.



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My daily battles along with faith