Living changed: Purposes. Remember the Lord in everything I do, and He’ll make my path straight.

I feel strongly that God is leading me to the first steps to my vision (purposes) at work and social connection.

May 12. tiring spring working week. lots of meetings and pressure

  • God connects the dots, I need only to experience and learn, no regret: Spouse suggested for a pho and movie night. I got into the invite with less-heart and regretted it seeing An’s frightening behavior at the theater. But on the way home, I was led thinking quietly about shutting my mouth complaining and think about the lessons I should take from the experiences rather than complaint or show frustration about it. Because I believe firmly now that there is no need of regret in all the experiences. God connects the dots for us and He can fix our mistakes easily.
  • good night before bed: An told me on the way home that she wanted to get straight to bed when get home. In silently I was thinking what I can do to have a different outcome from her. Quiet and humble spirit helped. I offered to brush her teeth so it turned out very fine. She was happy and spouse and I had a relaxing bake-off episode and night time before bed.
  • science review mtg: I feel confident w. the science review mtg for the 1st time and attend from beginning to end. I hope to continue to dip myself to this challenging but good science community.
  • light breakfast and light lunch was good
  • take time for childcare: bathcare and homework followup
  • take time to cook and clean (watch that we’ll eat too much)
  • I feel strongly that God is leading me to find my vision (purposes) at work and social connection.
  • Colossians 3:23 GNT: whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord and not for people.
  • Proverbs 3:6 GNT: remember the Lord in everything you do, and he will show you the right way.
  • core vision: foundation of faith, body, habits and starting social experience for the kids
  • core vision: loving, kind and truthful-in-my-words character
  • core vision: God’s wisdom: have within me the sufficient God’s words and love ready to help me stand strong in deal w. people (when listen and understand to them) and guide them to the light.
  • 22 spring vision — home(5): a global 3rd home in english country. NEXT: travel to big cities in the world. Pray for a EU trip on Aug.
  • 22 spring vision — church (10): start from lifehouse kids. NEXT: equip them with bible characters and knowledge about a global world (countries, flag, food, news) through quiz and game times.
  • 22 spring vision — close social (20): practice cooking and explore good hang-out places in prep for hospitality. NEXT: practice on baking pies and invite people for hang-out
  • 22 spring vision — work(40): (a) prep for promo doc to DS3 > (b) convert to AS3 (while earn hand-on skills w. builder tools and ML train/deploy tools and offer my gifts to science review communities), and (3) share my target of science manager. NEXT: what values I want to bring to the org and people I interact everyday. It is clear that I build up trust and loving relationship with them, help them feel the taste of good relationship at work through helping them success with my gifts.
  • 22 spring vision — large social (100+): share about my learning offsite (fam trip, hang-out) and online (via FB). NEXT: i will start sharing about my reading, thoughts and observation to FB OR a separate channels e.g. medium or note ??
  • pregnancy (2): exercise habit. TODAY: breakfast and book reading time at cafe. hope
  • home (2): cont. soup+ veggie training. TODAY: continue with encouraging rather than the rule
  • home (3): 1:1 regular sharing time w. An (including bible quiz dev time). TODAY: chatting before bed, the nonbiri time, bathtime
  • church (1): dev bible and country quiz w. An. TODAY: create quiz dev based on the bible appli w. An
  • social (1): continue audible books, news, 受験知識. share about my learning offsite (fam trip, hang-out) and online (via FB). TODAY: continue the book 生きる力 and perhaps share a brief a bout it
  • social (2): cook more hospitality menu (baking kana). TODAY: cook dinner today
  • work (1): promo doc to DS3. TODAY: skeleton of doc to send to manager
  • work (2): communicate w. manager of upcoming career: DS3 > AS3 > science manager and my perspective to mixed engineer and science team. TODAY: listen to audible book, select relevant principle to this mixed engineer and science team.
  • work (3): convert-to-AS3: continue at amzn for hand-on tech skills on ML dev and w. in mixed engineer and science team: AWS knowledge and builder tools. TODAY: think a roadmap: be a committer and cheerer in our csnlp science review communities
  • work (4): scope up: earn a working backward with a ML production pipeline or science proposal, attract people in JP or somewhere else to work together on something. TODAY: think a roadmap: He is putting two opportunities: negation and pharmacy in front of me.



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