Learn and Teach the Marginalised to Use their given “Turmoil” to Bring Glory to the Lord

  • Peace & Joy for my heart
  • His ways continue in my life now and till the very end
  • I ran again today 3.5km, a longest run on Strava .. it felt great and healthy .. I shouldn’t take this for granted. This is one of my precious answered prayer
  • I switched to read JCB JPese translation and I like it, how wonderful is it. I am thankful for our connect group. I felt belonged and heard. This is another blessing .. which I was thinking that I could come to encourage, or cheer others up a bit but I now receiving the benefits rather that giving something. I want to prioritize to come on time in respecting others. I want to pray more for this group.
  • I woke up this morning and smiled (I forgot to smile in the morning for awhile) prayer of Tomomi and the group has been heard by the Lord.
  • I realized that there are things I can do for and do with the VNese mom group, we chatted about the challenge of morning time for the new 小1 kids and then turned to app to play & learn kanji together. I hope you bless us and touch His hands on these wonderful group as well Lord, we are all in need of security and connection. amen
  • Na has started to help me go shop at the nearby supermarket. She enjoys it and we enjoy seeing her enjoying it.
  • strange thoughts still cross to my mind mysteriously
  • i need to keep my tongue .. from evil especially when talk with my spouse .. even I meant to express myself .. it could trap me into trig-up for pride to rise
  • i want to practice the characteristic of a humble servant and good service to my colleagues .. learn from them .. accept the differences .. be more honest and transparent .. prioritize trust and relationship more. Lord help and guide me in this way, amen.
  • 箴言 (Shingen) 10:8 JCB “知恵のある人は喜んで人から教わり、
  • Luke 19:43 JCB: “その瞬間、彼の目は見えるようになりました。そして、心から神をほめたたえながら、イエスについて行きました。この出来事を見ていた人たちもみな、神を賛美しました”
  • Luke 19:7 JCB ザアカイ “これを見ていた人々の心中は、おだやかではありません。「なにも、あの札つきの悪党の家の客にならなくても……」と言って、つぶやきました。”
  • Learn from good examples, especially from the marginalised in how to let other glorify the Lord: in Luke 19:43 .. i focused on the response after receiving the healing: praise the Lord from the heart and follow Jesus << we tend to forget it so quickly. And second, his courage has brought glory to the Lord (other who saw it praised the Lord). Transparency: one the best way to bring glory to the Lord is to be transparent about what we have and who we are, what we want to hide the most .. then when the right timing come, others will see and praise the Lord. My challenge, the part which I want to hide the most is somehow what I was equipped to do my service to the Lord: bring it to back to the Lord for healing so that His name, His ways are to be gloried.
  • Challenges for the church leaders: Luke 19:7 reminded me of pastor Brian (Hill song church) and his photo on FB taken with president Trump, this was somehow caused waves among the believers (at least what I observed in FB) .. Jesus was so bold in doing so in front of the hostile “believers” .. and delivered a strong message that He came for those who is willing to repent. I need to pray for the pastor leaders for their strength to continue their mission in this world of chaos of peer pressure of community.
  • Live my example of transparency (not only on the good sides of life) but also the challenging sides of life .. (relationship with managers at work, promotion) .. keep fighting it in the ways of the Lord .. (for me to reinforce within myself that I need to Lord and I cannot succeed by my own .. by keeping bring it to back to the Lord for healing) .. and when the right timing come, others will see and praise the Lord. This is the way I do my jobs as a servant of the Lord.




My daily battles along with faith

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My daily battles along with faith

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