Leader Capacity = the Spiritual Model + Daily Habits & Decisions

Day 165. 2021 Jun 12

End of Journaling time

  • I am not stuck anywhere (no matter how I felt) I am moving forward and the Lord has been building up capacity on me. I just need to continue on evolve my spiritual model (faith), build up on daily habits (journaling, running and connecting) and daily decisions/battles (decide to stay, fight the challenges using the swords of the Words of God, His Holy Spirit and pleasantly observe my capacity being enlarged). amen.
  • Pray for the way of the Lord: the way of courage, peace and joy be the way for all creature in your created world.


  • I saw a post from LF Tokyo on FB asking are you in a unhealthy state e.g. feeling unsatisfied, uncertain etc. .. I knew I am there, given everything I own and being given has been good beyond expectation. Indeed, only walk and connect with the Lord could bring a healthy spirit: grateful heart is the source of a joyful heart, a hopeful spirit is living spirit, and only these are fruits from the Holy Spirit.
  • I knew I need to go back to this time of journaling, it has been unstable in prioritizing works and relationship with spouse. But I believe it wasn’t a waste as HERE I am, I am back to this wonderful time ♪ the song in my ears and the excitement in my heart, who can have it!!


  • I need to and .. a bit progress in feel less tension about my strava sharing (I’ve been nervous and plan the impractical of increase both the speed, the distance .. while transition-to-summer is coming and made it way harder) .. After the rest period, I am running the shortest distance and shortest time ever, but I am grateful that I still be able to do it .. sweating a bit every morning and a shower is such a great experience. My mouth said about a life time but I should change it to my hope for it to become a life time habit but my tension should only be today and now, burning with gratefulness and joy and humility

2020 Journaling: leadership capacity = ability to handle stress better

  • WHY: you don’t have a stress issue, it is capacity issue. Enlarge my capacity to fulfill God’s call
  • — — Psalm “Whenever I was in distress, you enlarged me”
  • — — 2 Corinthians 6 MSG “the smallness you feel comes from within you. Your lives aren’t small but you’re living them in a small way.. Live openly and expansively
  • ACTION in short-term vs. Stress & Distress
  • — option1: run away. cost = miss the fulfilment the plan of God
  • — option2: 3 actions: DECIDE to stay & grow larger than the challenges (stress). TRUST. SPEAK the Words of life. reward=fulfilment from God’s calls
  • — — Philippians 4 MSG “instead of worrying, pray. Let PETITIONs and PRAISEs shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns”
  • ACTION in long-term — bring BALANCE into my life
  • BUILD “balanced” & “consistent” HABITs that nurture my spiritual, physical & mental health (journaling, running, regular connection)
  • EVOLVE THE SPIRITUAL MODEL: lean on FAITH (the truth) that whatever highs/lows in life are for me to grow my CAPACITY (God already equips in me the ability to navigate them well, to live a worthy of calling life, a productive and fulfilling life)


  • Acts 9:40 Peter prayed and talked to the death “get up!!” and miracle


  • I am still amazed about these miracles .. and I confirmed my belief that it was exactly like Jesus said: the disciples would do the same or even greater things!! perhaps my faith in the Lord is not enough .. plus my journey with him long but not deep/close enough. amen



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