Laws, Wisdoms and Conscience

Day 48

Highlights of today are

  • the ancient laws in Exodus 19 & 20
  • the attentive calling from a parent to his/her child on wisdom for life in Proverbs 5 ESV

Laws are considered foundation of justice; a tool to guard safety and prosperity at any community i.e. organization, country. However, law is totally imperfect, as it was proven a lot through out the course of human history. Laws was an easily manipulated tool to serve politics, authority and it has done lots of massive harms than goods.

Wisdom is the secret recipe at individual level for safety and prosperity. Wisdom comes directly from teachings of our ancestors, families and via personal experiences. We develop a sense of wisdom through our course of life. But, wisdom could be futile and meaningless, as shouted repeatedly in the book of Ecclesiastes, if wisdom doesn’t have the right purpose and good understanding of Who is the Lord of wisdom itself.

The Holy Spirit is the Lord of wisdom. This wisdom guides each of us to the right purpose of life, which is leading us to recognize the existing of our Creator and His massively or sensitively expressed love in our daily life. This wisdom tries to draw our attention to Him, rather than worries, concerns or some other idols.

“The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. So the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath” Mark 2:28 ESV

My daily battles along with faith