Knowledge could prevent us from dev Faith. Explore My Identity in the Lord ..

  • for .. perhaps 2 weeks, I’m not anymore in the state of obsessed about promotion and hostile emotions toward my boss .. still I don’t feel eager or burning joy .. maybe a sense of freedom that as long as pick the battle: dive deep challenge, study, skill-up, the future is here
  • coffee time with spouse
  • easy and freedom-mentally spirit in prep morning for my fam (concern and obsession about eating habit of my child has been weaken a lot. but she looks healthier recent days despite not yet change in her eating habit). Count this help from the Lord. Give thanks to Him. amen
  • we had a little night session to focus on crafting a toy with cardboard boxes .. it was far to the end result but was fun and somehow there is a new energy coming to my family
  • I felt easier in talking VNese with my child ..
  • WOW, so many changes happening easily w/o my notice .. Indeed, the Lord’s help is here and working even we don’t notice or pay attention.
  • anxiety .. in planning work and finish it clean and timely .. still my biggest struggle .. the trap to steal my freedom spirit .. affect the good working flow of the Lord to the people around me
  • my ability to focus on the important things vs. daily coming things in my mailbox e.g. today was kiku training, timezone, gmail emails from agents or NPO nature school, or Anki or .. I am lacking a sense of focus at working, at delivering the right things first. Lord, help me, please!!
  • I need freedom in my discipline at work at home
  • John 8:12–31 JCB: Lord Jesus has an endlessly conversation about Who He Is. This topic is important for the leaders and have waved division among them (those who read the Bible). It sounds to me that the citizen were looked like sheep, their belief were based on what they heard and seen, rather than the backed up knowledge like the leaders. Perhaps, that was why the hardle for them to enter the Kingdom somehow looks lower. Indeed, knowledge if meaningless. It does good but also harm to us in preventing us to follow our inner voices
  • John 8:12–31: Why Jesus needed to testify about Who He is and where He came from? given He knew well that the leaders won’t listen, but rather those conversation triggered them to commit to their plans of killing Him… Perhaps, it is the mission from God and it was the way to save who HEAR 30–31“ この話を聞いたユダヤ人の多くが、イエスをメシヤと信じるようになりました。その人達にイエスは「私が教えたとおりに生活すれば、本当の弟子と言えます」”
  • Pray to receive understanding “Who I am”? what are my called missions? what can I do to testify about my identity?
  • Learn to fight the bias of knowledge and standard .. which could keep me from develop my faith



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My daily battles along with faith