Just continue on my purposes of this season. capacity (simplify services, set boundary), include, attire, deep learn. and pray for the right companies and stick to the TRUE guidance.

  • strength — pregnancy yoga: started and felt good. grateful for a good sleep today.
  • review growing w. purposes: grateful seeing I’ve been changed a little vs. same time 2 years ago via my journal review. the challenge feels very same but I am given clear purposes in each of the challenging area. quiet time: worship song again: reminding me that God’s goodness is chasing after me
  • capacity- simplified my service to others: switch from cooking dinner to laquar so I can go shopping.
  • capacity — set boundary w. fam: going to cafe in the morning for an hour of quiet for high quality reading
  • purpose 1: expand & include: group lunch w. ah and neyn at world neighbor last friday was comfortable. home party w. a.imagir was inspiring. I intended to share my time but I received more than give. I was good for both myself and the family.
  • purpose 2: inward and outward decent attire day 1: grateful for about an hour to shop at muji for summer comfortable clothes
  • purpose 3: children basic habit: grateful that spouse brought Na to park for nawatobi. I brought her to ofuro and gave her a hair wash and ofuro. on bed at 10:10pm
  • purpose 4: deep learn the hand-ons and visionary domain knowledge: 15 mins to read a sigir paper about matching method for product search.
  • my radar (what else God’s bringing along): God seem to be going ahead preparing for my VN trip home. all little trouble got solved e.g. fly and pregnance certificate || LF kid service: I was grateful for a sense of trust and understanding w. LF kid leader for such a sudden absence due to benpi. || include local people: I felt good that had a slight chat w. the girl at copain. I hope God blesses this tiny connection. I feel grateful that God led my action to gave the senior couple the table I was sitting at. it was faster than my thought process. indeed, the spirit of inclusion and kindness are with me.
  • benpi .. cost my guilt in missing at my responsibility to serve LF kids
  • cry bitterly in front of children and spouse: .. learn that An’s friend has pass the class while she doesn’t. I felt guilt of my incompetent in taking well care of her. my inability to commit for her health her physical strength (a part of her future) because I am so loved studying and working.
  • purpose 3: children right investment in term of education: english? international school? US university? travel to see the world? what life purposes? habit of journaling and be part of the church community, serving at church.
  • yesterday: send Na to HKIS. exercise. pp breakfast. pp & me at tullys till 1pm. lunch at laquar 9F + listening. pp pick Na. me tiring and depressed ???. some python coding. cook dinner. watch Grey hoand movie. on bed spouse and child. me worshiped and cry. bed 12 pm.
  • invisible life: felt like depression! not very sure why!! want to resolve things in my head 🛫. conflict between (2nd child, vaccine corona, google interview). work anxiety (DS intake process and timeline for multiple project. find help for less significant task. focus and enjoy learning new things)🛫
  • Seek wisdom and guidance: freedom from fear of death from injustice. gossip forming myself for bad (like choice food that goes down to one’s inner most being). Edom(Esau, pride, arrogant) vs. Israel (humility, god-ness) . do not gloat, rejoice, boastfully mock in the day of their destruction/calamity/distress. for the day of the Lord is near.
  • worship: I am nobody. I am living for the world to see nobody but Jesus. I exist because of Your grace. I am to learn to exist and work for your plans not mine.
  • ask for guidance: 2nd child in corona time. my service/my business. my independent journey/community/ministry. guidance in work: less addictively but as serving & build examples. fix my heart for not be content (my L5 at work). for others (protect us in pandemic and weather crisis. let our ear and heart to seek and find You and your guidance). help the ppl in authority for your will be done.)🛫
  • thanksgiving: fam connection happily ever. children’s growth. this relationship and time. promise for salvation. promise for a correction, corruption of injustice.
  • 1st of all: prioritize my capacity: health, time and mental. which is the important source for me to follow the calling of God. (first drop my expectation on work, manager’s expectation. pick up a new concept: set boundaries) amen. → → 🌸 opportunity coming NOW
  • 2nd of all: vision to invest the right things to An. she is at peak of consuming knowledge and discovering the world through experience and people connection → → 🌸 opportunity coming NOW. more Physical activities. 🛫 and next year-long challenge: make right responsibility to our children.
  • 3rd of all: expand to include others to our lives (fam lives and connect group lives) e.g. team, vnese mom communities, ballet mom communities ? scientists around the world? .. pray for it. do it purposefully → → 🌸 opportunity coming NOW. 🛫
  • build up my confidence as 1st lady of the Jesus: decent attire and inclusive attitude when being within social community. → → 🌸 opportunity coming NOW NOW
  • Biblical Success — Running the Race of Our Lives: Day 4 — Who do we train with?: “Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ.” Colossians 2:8 NKJV. In one sense the Race of life is a solitary race that we run alone. But in a larger sense we train with others and run as a part of a body. Who we train with becomes part of who we are and who we become. The influence of others can be huge asset for good or, unfortunately, for not so good. In the big picture of our race of life we have a great model, Jesus, and a great personal trainer, His Holy Spirit, and even a book of written instructions! They are the constants of our lives, available to us 24/7, and unchanging in their commitment to Truth and our well being and success in the race. But then there are many others that have the ability to influence us who have skin on or had it! And this is where our intentionality and choices enter in. 箴言 知恵の泉 13:20 知恵ある人のそばにいれば知恵ある人になり、悪人のそばにいれば悪に染まります。コロサイ人への手紙 2:8 あのむなしい、だましごとのような哲学によって、だれからも信仰と喜びが奪われないように注意しなさい。あのような哲学はキリストのことばによるものではなく、人間の考えや思いつきから出た、幼稚な考えでしかありません。
  • continuous endurance in training with my purposes for this season.
  • find good companies



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My daily battles along with faith