I want to rest today and find joy in reading. DISRUPTION (recent wakeup call) and Calling to change the course? CHANGE: I’ve becoming bold in what I do and say. CALL: capacity/availability, forgiveness, inclusiveness, team vision creation and expanding relationship.

  • my heart healed: so quickly. the morning still was difficult. I couldn’t greet fam as usually and decided to run out to vie for an alone time. But my heart was healed so quickly soon after that.
  • An is such a healing joy for us. she understands and offering me prayer and hugs and hands
  • I found help from fam in VN. people are eager to help fix my mistake. I already gave up on my mistakes of booking the wrong flights but somehow my brother helped and there is a hope that it can be done. I feel that God want to show me that nothing is impossible for Him, even my little and meaningless mistake, He still can bring possibility
  • scrum master role: i am becoming bold in what I do and say: suggest priority for the sprint, delay mtg to have the SIMs ready, bold feedback that could hurt others. but I didn’t feel bad about it at all. I see boldness, a change within myself. I don’t know how it would bring me into but I feel that it is a right thing to do. and I am grateful that the meetings were running fine
  • thankful for a rest day today
  • grateful for a coffee straw w. eevad and we touched on the team situation and take-away that we could reduce our syn mp in prioritizing other goals. that was helpful for me to help direct the team to the right thing.
  • grateful learning that syn will still something the team want to proceed. I dont know how it happen but things went well. There is a chance for me to do what I loved about syn with deep learning next year. next year is too far to expect. but for the rest of the time. i have an exciting idea to pursuit .. write a paper about meta evaluation and synthesis about our syn way of doing it.
  • Believing Bigger: Unleash Your Faith Disruption: Prevailing Purpose: In order to get us into alignment with our divine assignment, God will allow disruption into our lives. To be clear, disruption is an unexpected, inconvenient moment — an interruption necessary for course correction. These are life-altering and defining events. While disruption may seem like punishment, it’s really an invitation for realignment. Disruption is designed to reposition us, elevate us, and propel us into stronger, wiser, and more anointed versions of ourselves. 箴言 知恵の泉 19:21 人はたくさんの計画を立てますが、主の計画だけが成るのです。Lord, give me enough courage to embrace the changes I do not desire or understand. I want what You want. May Your purpose prevail over my preferences. Amen
  • Decent attire and inclusive attitude at social events ← find purposes and joy in my imperfection. 神はあらかじめ選んだ人々を招き、そして彼らの罪を赦し、義(正しい者)と認められた人々には、さらに栄光を与えると約束してくださいました
  • Patient and continuous joyful expansion of my tech lead career ← find purposes and joy in my imperfection. 神はあらかじめ選んだ人々を招き、そして彼らの罪を赦し、義(正しい者)と認められた人々には、さらに栄光を与えると約束してくださいました
  • Right investment to An ← cultivate a strong heart w. celebration and affirmation. 知恵ある人のことばはなぐさめ、いやします
  • Trust God for fam finance security ← another level of trust



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My daily battles along with faith