I am becoming BOLD in my work purposes (through action and words) Because I have this hope. He is showing the path to my purposeful life. His presence, provision and protection fills me with joy and pleasure forever.

  • i’m ashamed about what i felt yesterday. God gave rest and refresh for those who lean on Him. what a good day starting today.
  • An had a bad ending day with an incident forgetting homework for soroban class. she got home very emotional and repeating she wanted to quit. i hugged her in silence and hoped she cope with it and learn from it. she woke up genki today
  • our girl talk on bed continues to be good
  • grateful for a food night talk w spouse. and breakfast out today too.
  • i learnt from yesterday that i should plan my day-off refresh ahead of time (not taking a day off with sick leave reason). and more IMPORTANTLY i want to not give up on what i want to do and learn at this team. help others is good but not necessary be my main job. i will continue offering help but also do what i like. it is better that way. NEXT: i will pursuit after a deep learning model for synonym this year, until my maternity. i will also open my radar for alternatives to AS opportunity after going back to work. i wont bet my hope on the promo doc w manager. no need to let others’s waving impact my own inner core. so grateful for this quick transformation. thank you Lord.
  • im glad seeing a christian friend’s reply to a post about concern of have their children to join a catholic school. i felt the spiritual wisdom on those with faith
  • so many good things are going on in my life. too early to give up or settle down in my spirit. amen
  • benpi medition and banana morning works
  • plan time off ahead, take time for myself and reflecting on the ways God is open for me.
  • God took the time to carefully create every little detail that makes you who you are
  • Help me to stop comparing myself to others and allowing my negative self-talk to shape my self image. Give me eyes to see myself as you see me- wanted, cherished, lovely, capable, uniquely gifted, and beautifully created.
  • Galatians, 4:7, GNT “So then, you are no longer a slave but a child. And since you are his child, God will give you all that he has for his children.”
  • Romans,12:1, GNT “So then, my friends, because of God’s great mercy to us I appeal to you: Offer yourselves as a living sacrifice to God, dedicated to his service and pleasing to him. This is the true worship that you should offer.”
  • Psalm, 16:11, GNT “You will show me the path that leads to life; your presence fills me with joy and brings me pleasure forever.”
  • core vision: growing marriage and foundation (loving) home for the kids
  • core vision: foundation of faith, body, habits and starting social experience for the kids
  • core vision: loving, kind and truthful-in-my-words character (my identity as His children: content and hopeful)
  • core vision: God’s wisdom: have within me the sufficient God’s words and love ready to help me stand strong in deal w. people and guide them to the light. Stand strong (when listen and understand to them) in by “clothes myself with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience”. ★ perhaps, this is the area God is building up in me to grow/expand myself. somewhat links to my purposes at work (and support spouse in his work situation)
  • 22 spring vision — pregnancy (1): benpi and exercise, eating discipline.
  • 22 spring vision — home(5): foundation of faith, body, self-care habits, social experience. NEXT: cont. on eat training, bathcare, read bible app, talk at home about issues at her daily social days.
  • 22 spring vision — home(5): a global 3rd home in english country. NEXT: travel to big cities in the world. Pray for a EU trip on Aug.
  • 22 spring vision — church (10): start from lifehouse kids. NEXT: equip them with bible characters and knowledge about a global world (countries, flag, food, news) through quiz and game times.
  • 22 spring vision — close social (20): practice cooking and explore good hang-out places in prep for hospitality. NEXT: practice on baking pies and invite people for hang-out (botanic garden)
  • 22 spring vision — work(40)(a) prep for promo doc to DS3. NEXT: what values I want to bring to the team/org (people I interact with everyday). Build up trust and loving (supporting) relationship with them, help them feel the taste of good relationship at work. (OFF: Help drive the progress of projects that people are interested in working on) continue offering help and give the credit/opportunity to them. But pursuit my own think-big and joy at work. Commit on a deep learning synonym model. I need to pray that the Lord open door for myself. amen.
  • 22 spring vision — work(40)(b) convert to AS3/science manager (while earn hand-on skills w. builder tools + ML train/deploy tools + offer my commitment (attendance and contribute) to science communities). NEXT: Build up trust and loving (supporting) relationship and offer my commitment (attendance and contribute) to the larger science community.
  • 22 spring vision — large social (100+): share about my learning offsite (at fam trip, hang-out) and online (via FB or a separate blog). NEXT: start sharing about my reading, thoughts and observation
  • pregnancy (1): 腸活 learning. TODAY: banana morning, light dinner.
  • pregnancy (2): exercise habit. TODAY: walk despite the rain
  • pregnancy (3): refresh habit. TODAY: breakfast out and book reading and chatting at cafe. hope
  • home (2): cont. soup+ veggie training. TODAY: cont. w. encouraging rather than forcefully through a rule.
  • home (3): 1:1 regular sharing time w. An (including bible quiz dev time). TODAY: chatting before bed, the nonbiri time, bathtime
  • church (1): dev bible and country quiz w. An. TODAY: create quiz dev based on the bible appli w. An
  • social (1): continue audible books, news, 受験知識. share about my learning offsite (fam trip, hang-out) and online (via FB). TODAY: continue the book 生きる力 and perhaps share a brief a bout it.
  • social (2): cook more hospitality menu (baking kana). TODAY: cook dinner today or pho dinner.
  • work (1): promo doc to DS3. TODAY: skeleton of doc to send to manager
  • work (2): promo to DS3. establish my contribution at team (a mixed engineer and science team), help build standard for processes and run effective meetings. TODAY: run effective meetings (project and scrum master), build up SOP for team.
  • work (3): promo to DS3: shape up forward-looking collaboration projects w. other teams. 2 opportunities: negation and pharmacy. TODAY: rich communication with current authors and offer help including investigation.
  • work (4): convert-to-AS3/science-manager: hand-on skills w. builder tools + ML train/deploy tools. TODAY: continuous learning with communities e.g. nlp-study-group, science review meetings, study w. spouse (more buddies)
  • work (5): convert-to-AS3/science-manager: establish my contribution in the larger science community. TODAY: be a committer and cheerer in our csnlp science review communities.




My daily battles along with faith

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My daily battles along with faith

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