HOPE Again by Receiving His Love in Praise and Sing.

Day 97. 2021 Apr 5


  • Don’t fail on my desire to walk the Lord’s way: self-denying
  • New baby born in my family, a sibling for my kid
  • Eyes of faith, gain back pure hope about the future, focus on joy, the blessings of everyday, put right priority on long term health & children care vs. work; patient at work challenge and practice self-control and wise relationship building vs. commit blindly for self-recognition or at-work-promotion
  • Move up on new blessing: body recovering, new running circle


  • JOY & FREEDOM, PURE HOPE: I’m somehow losing JOY against the future .. about promise for perfect peace for those who seek the Lord’s way, and secure future for children from generation to generation .. Out of new news: MRI exam, expectation on dive deep at work, crazily business at work, my spouse’s tiredness everyday .. my eyes see concerns rather than PURE HOPE (even I still enjoy and treasure the joyful moment with my fam, and journaling time, new opportunities to run and exercise myself more) .. I need to pray for help from the Holy Spirit and work on my trust .. and pray hard so that the pure hope which was given to me .. won’t be taken away. It is a season of practice patience and hold on on TRUST on the Lord’s plans for me! .. thinking about the future and its burdens not going to help .. think about what given to me now and self-direct myself to the right & healthy thinking and choices bring enough what needs for me to live and survive today. amen


  • Given Easter moment: swim class of my kid and fam hang out was such a joyful moment for us. Neighbor cafe had new menu and we tried a few free as bonus from the stamp card .. we didn’t plan Easter Sunday but it was given to us the moment to mention about it to my family and my kid.
  • Joy of kid’s growth: our kid moved up one upper swimming class, a tiny thing but such a joy when said to her: congrats and promised to award a sticker (I should remember as this tiny thing adds up motivation and fun for her time). At night studying time also went smoothly, somehow I no longer be anger at her while we focus on mineruba and kurukuru, she is becoming cooperative and enjoying the time. Progress in vnese also is such a joy and hope: she is going to master animals and color. Such a daily joy for us
  • Time spent at weekend: we are spending weekend in a more satisfied way. SAT: morning walk with my little gem; the kid enjoys cram school while we spend time at cafe for a morning chat and enjoy our latte with jamu; .. lunch at Neighbor; have a free afternoon plan was such a great and releasing feeling; we had a nap together; I cooked a large braised pork while the kid and spouse went for piano class .. coming back with positive feedbacks from the teacher; we enjoyed the food .. even my kid liked and ate it all .. she ate the meal in focused and helped us cleanup after .. such such a joy; we did mineruba before she can enjoy what she wants to watch. SUN: .. ; vnese class needs some improvement for her to enjoy it a bit more; swim class and class move-up & a bit fun with lawson chicken; Easter lunch at Neighbor with bonus food; going home with a freedom in the afternoon; a nap together again; i took +1hour to prep for NLP reading group and understood further .. coming home shared it with my spouse ..; Pho & instant noodle (find some improvement in term of nutrition) and cleanup together .. have the room cleaned and her room clean; mineruba & vnese; free time; such a great moment .. the room is clean, my kid sit at dining table, we chat .. the untidy room which used to catched my attention wasn’t there; we ended the day with some capacity to read the picture books to explore new fun idea for the coming week: create a music instrument using drink straw.


  • HOPE AGAIN: Psalm 42:1–6 JCB/ESV: “my soul thirst for God, for the living God. .. v4 these things I remember, as I pour our my soul: how I would go with the throng and lead them in procession to the house of God with glad shouts and songs of praise, a multitude keeping festival. v5 why are you cast down, o my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? HOPE IN GOD; for I shall again praise him, my salvation and my God.” JCB “v4 さあ、私のたましいよ、元気を出せ。あの日のことを思い出すのだ。まさか忘れてはいないだろう。あの祭りの日、多くの人の先頭に立って神の宮に上り、喜びに満たされて賛美の歌を歌ったことを。どうしてそのように沈み込む必要があるのか。どうして悲しげにふさぎ込んでいるのか。神に望みを託すがよい。そうだ、助けを信じて、もう一度神をほめたたえよう。v6それでもなお、私は気落ちし、ふさぎ込んでいます。しかし、やがて私は、ヨルダン川が流れ、ヘルモン山やミツァル山のそびえる美しいこの地に注がれている、神の恵みを思い巡らします。”
  • Luke 11:33–36 ESV: “v34 your eyes is the lamp of your body. When your eyes is HEALTHY, your whole body is full of light, but when it is bad, your body is full of darkness. v35 Therefore be careful lest the light in you be darkness. If then your whole body is full of light, having on part dark, it will be wholly bright, as when a lamp with its rays gives you light.”


  • Protect hard the light has been given to me: the pure hope and gratefulness on daily blessings. do not take them for granted: health, family, job, trust, favor, finance blessings. Keep my eyes healthy to fixed on God, do not consider everything was earned by myself or I deserve anything. Continue the way of a servant, a steward of the Lord: humble, pure hope from the protection and trust and provision of the Lord, satisfied and be strengthen by connect and receive the great LOVE of the Lord via praising and sing to Him everyday.


  • Spend time everyday to sing and praise the Lord. Feel and Receive his Love for healing my body and my spirit. Receive and Feel His Love is important to grow and overcome darkness. Trusting by knowing His knowledge, or acknowledging it is not enough. I need to seek and receive it in praise and pray and sing. amen

My daily battles along with faith