Heart Issue #1: そうすれば、私をさげすむ者たちに言い返すことばを持つことができます

Day 28x. 21oct14 thu. Theme= heart issue, victim thoughts


  • healing: my spinning head got better.
  • good morning time: simple breakfast with pp and na, coffee time at home
  • work: got improved, chance for me to take 2 weeks off is getting higher

Life challenge

  • heart issue: revealed at conversation with eniale yesterday, revealed today at conversation with pp this morning. how weak and small I am, being waved emotionally by others actions/words


  • quote: love, faith and freedom or love, faith and joy. joy ~ freedom?!
  • trust in God’s Words:
  • 詩篇 119:41-42 JCB 救いの手を差し伸べてくださることが、あなたからの約束でした。どうか私を、あなたの恵みと愛でお救いください。そうすれば、私をさげすむ(despite, coi thuong)者たちに言い返すことばを持つことができます。私はあなたの約束を信じているからです。


  • Lord, shape me with your love/mercy and blessing. Change my heart to have to same shape of your son Jesus. Equip me and rescue me from the attacks of the evil through their words and action. grant me your word to return to them, amen.
  • I pray for peace and healing for myself and everyone around me, especially for ikam, my life group sister, amen.

My daily battles along with faith