Grateful for this quiet capacity and deep learn. Ask God to lead mine and fam’s paths, not me trying to do it. Be better prepared to (1) maintain social connection w. others (expand & include) (2) say NO to make peace for myself and the requestors (guard capacity & set boundaries)

  • I’m so grateful for this quiet and deep learn time. yesterday I was starting very little on CDK pipelines but feels so great
  • excitement and grateful and forward thinking about a week off next week to just read about doors for children to go to top world university and ways to prepare them for a global talent, along with their heart to be right w. Jesus.
  • indeed, learnt that a short time of deep learn during a day brings more satisfaction than broad reading, too much random input (even they both all important).
  • a great day w. fam: swimming day and sit at read at world neighbor, then Hanabi at the park
  • children milestone: showing new milestone of wording, more polite and eager to doing things that interested her: An was asking that we do hanabi when dark and she offered she will go to buy the hanabi at the combini. she selected the small one because she liked it. it brings a little joy to us.
  • children attentive time giving: i didn’t push homework but only a challenge to list up all cases with 2 and 3 numbers that adding up to a same number as a basic training pattern for her. grateful that it works somehow.
  • sleep trouble: 寝返り, 体の張り
  • house cleaning: An’s room and dining table
  • walk more
  • exchange thoughts w. spouse about future (for children and for us)
  • desire to connect more w. people (as of a service and expanding our social knowledge)
  • Making Peace With Saying No!: What kept you from saying No? For me, typical barriers to saying No are a desire to please others, a sense of obligation, and/or concern my rejection of the request would harm my relationship with the requestor. Normally after the fact, I think of several ways I could have better handled the situation.
  • my preference is to be better prepared to say No at the moment of request. I want to end the cycle of agreeing to do an unwanted task, feeling resentful in performing the unwanted task, pledging not to do this to myself again, and then agreeing to do another unwanted task. To end this unwanted cycle, I have to change my thinking about saying No. I must eliminate doubt and loss as the expected result of my saying No. I want my saying No to yield peace within myself and with the requestor.
  • ルカの福音書 10:41 しかし主は、マルタに言われました。「マルタ。あなたは、あまりにも多くのことに気を遣いすぎているようです。 42でも、どうしても必要なことはただ一つだけです。マリヤはそれを見つけたのです。彼女からそれを取り上げてはいけません。」
  • Lord, I am grateful for this quiet time and the deep learning time. I know that it won’t last forever. Help to focus on learning the right thing.
  • Be my lead, Lord. I feel that I am trying to lead my way ahead. But stop me and be my lead, Lord. For my path, my spouse path and my children paths. amen.
  • 1st of all: prioritize my capacity: health, time and mental. which is the important source for me to follow the calling of God. DONTs: drop my expectation on work and set boundaries. DOs: find joy in time-limited capacity to focus on deep learn the hands-on skills and develop vison knowledge.
  • 2nd of all: vision to invest the right things to An. she is at peak of consuming knowledge and discovering the world through experience and people connection. DONTs: 🌸over expectation on performance, compare w. other kids🌸. DOs: more physical activities, social connection for them. 🌸Align w. spouse and talk w. them about who we want them to be🌸. Parent to expand our knowledge about education options for them through books and social connection.
  • 3rd of all: expand to include others to our fam lives, this is a wisdom to help us have a well-being in life and a sense of service. DONTs: 🌸don’t wait for others to connect to us. leverage every opportunity to meet w. new people even unplanned. Ask for LINE connection. Don’t select people🌸. DOs: decent attire: build up my confidence as 1st lady of the Jesus and inclusive attitude. Invite people for fam connection.



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My daily battles along with faith