Grant me fresh thinking and joy of living today, Lord. I don’t need to compete with others. I just need to be excellent in truthfulness

  • get fresh thinking (repent from my ways of thinking, judging) and see how the wind goes. My job is pleasing the Lord by keep get refresh thinking and be content and pray
  • becoming a org-scope, community-scope, fam-scope people. What I am lacking here, Lord?
  • 1:1 mtg with manager with terribly disappointing .. but I could admit I sense the struggle in the person’s side. I am having enough empathy for others, or I am show-casing my abilities?
  • effect to fam: busy day with late dinner for fam
  • 2 two things broke my heart. I want to give up of pursuit Both. Can I ever succeed, Lord? I want to live a joyful life. Lord, heal my broken heart, as only You can!
  • still have flexibility of time for work and home (mostly only cooking, cleaning, read w. An)
  • have capacity to dedicated to challenging work
  • I have this secret space with the Lord to pour out my heart, my broken and hurtful heart
  • plan: handle corporate career
  • as a Christian, we are called only to compete with ourselves. We never compete with others. You see, competition breeds 2 things — jealousy and ego issues. Our job is to improve upon ourselves progressively each day. Our goal is excellence, not competition.
  • yes, Lord. It is my true job to be excellent and push myself forward to brush the skills and bring living, empathy to this competing space, without actual competing with others (while I’m pulled to feel so strongly)
  • Guide me like you did with Daniel, Lord.
  • Grant me fresh thinking and joy of living, today, Lord. Everything else I’ll surrender to Your, amen
  • ダニエル書 6 link 3ダニエルにはすぐれた能力があり、他の大臣や州知事よりも有能であることが、だれの目にも明らかになりました。そこで王は、彼を行政長官にして全国を治めさせようと考えました。 4そのため、他の大臣や州知事は激しく嫉妬し、ダニエルの行政に落度はないかと探り、王に訴える口実を見つけようとしました。しかし、何一つ批判できる点を見つけることができません。ダニエルは誠実で、正直にふるまい、間違いを犯すことがありませんでした。



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My daily battles along with faith