Forward. I am sufficient because of Jesus. Nothing to Prove.

21dec30. Thursday


  • gratefully broken

Life challenge

  • Burn out work schedule: I am so passionate to solve, to standardize the logic team is using at work. I work from opening eyes till I made the dinner late for fam. without a word of claiming.


  • make standup the connection time: (1) smile (2) loud and strong voice and (3) share one positive thing about the day before or the day’s morning


  • my spouse: my new busy work env is impacting my family clear:
    (1) miss in childcare, (2) late dinner and over-simplified (meaning lacking of balance of nutrition). He not claiming a words.
  • my child: she knows and when she see I refused her request, she would go to daddy to fulfill her request
  • this ochituki despite within the storm of working schedule and pressure, and knowledge gap
  • mom connect group: on tuesday was such a good time. I was touched when many of them share that the group is one of the remark of their years. I believe my confidence in the Lord to raise my voice to say out loud the vision for family and desire to extend my influence gradually. I know God is with me. been and now.


  • コロサイ2:9–10 JCB キリストのうちにこそ、神の性質のすべてが肉体をとって宿っているのです。ですから、キリストを自分のものとしているなら、すべてを手に入ったことになります。あなたがたがキリストと結びつくことによって神に満たされているのです。


  • I love Your words Lord that says when I choose Jesus to be mine, I earn my whole body and spirit, and I am ready to earn everything within His created universe. I am completed in You. amen.



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