first fruit day. A new season in coming. Change is coming. I need only to stay Loving God and people today and in this new season!!

2 min readJun 24, 2022


Jun 24,


  • season of LOVE, before maternity leave, personal relationship w. respect and expectation
  • VISION for the next season
  • SUCCESS: science proposal and Your approval of a promotion, coming w a right heart

JUNE tithe pray. pray for July and Q3

  • vision & character: growing love capacity for people everyday
  • vision & character: well prepare for maternity leave and a fruitful trip to VN
  • children & fam: think big for our children future, live in new york, london etc???
  • children & fam: build individual and growing relationship with each of our children
  • children & fam: vision for my new season w 2 children
  • work & career: earn and learn from the 1st experience of people scope through scrum master role. for me to understand the see what i can bring along
  • work & career: God’s approval for a promo and a heart of servant
  • work & career: success of science proposals and connection w scientists


  • i was in low condition, occupied and running out of capacity to feel God’s love and love others (konaien, sleep trouble due to heat and humidity) .. frustrating at work because it is hard to come up with conclusion. but then I was helped realizing that i am working on a tough and difficult problem (that is why it is tough) and i want to enjoy and learn it. pressure is just what i created for myself, the Lord made a day restart after 24hour and there is a lot of change in 24 hours. i want to embrace this Godly mechanism to keep me ready to God’s service, to feel His love and love others.

what did i pray for last first fruit day

  • may: success in discover purposes at work and societies
  • may: cont fam unity
  • may: discipline and raise children
  • may: confident in build up and execute my plans in surrender spirit
  • may: pray for a approval of promo in humble heart and leverage it to help others
  • feb: dont want to give up on a desire to become a people scope person: start dev my love capacity to trust, respect and expect for them


  • “愛は、どんな犠牲をはらっても誠実を尽くし、すべてを信じ、最善を期待し、すべてを耐え忍びます。” ‭‭コリント人への手紙Ⅰ‬ ‭13:7‬ ‭JCB‬‬
  • “心を尽くし、たましいを尽くし、思いを尽くし、力を尽くして、あなたの主を愛しなさい。』(申命6・4–5)これが最も重要な戒めです。 第二は、『自分を愛するように、あなたの隣人を愛しなさい』(レビ19・18)という戒めです。これ以上に重要な戒めはありません。」” マルコの福音書‬ ‭12:30–31‬ ‭JCB‬‬




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