Family Capacity in Unity

  • fam-fun: executed both (1) Lalaport shopping and (2) hanabi at Kyoikumori park. such a fresh mentally day.
  • fam-discipline: committed to early bed for An and all of us. walking up this morning feeling healthy and refreshed
  • fam-capacity: this morning An request to stay at home (with a lie that her eyes can not see) spouse and myself felt comfortable to answer her, with promise that she has to follow our instruction and spend time herself. It is not going to be easy but I am so grateful for this capacity in our fam. I want to protect this capacity of both spouse and myself.
  • me-career: Sat night was challenging, it was hard for me to rest (even very tired of a intensive weeks and .. stretched atmosphere with Pieter at work). I was led to an old book 研究者の仕事術 which brought additional knowledge in plan and act strategically for my career, while protect the fam-capacity for marriage relationship and childcare.
  • mental model: career pathをpositionではなく個人の内面の成長で語る (path to independent thinker)
  • mental model: overcome fear, choose courageous path
  • mental model: patient about the progress and be a truly humble person (we cannot understand everything), but stay curious
  • strategy: position or project selection「好き」より「得意」こだわり
  • strategy: define the niche market, in which I am the top performer
  • strategy: in self-learning, invest 60% to area II (connection, capacity, self-investment)
  • strategy: networking for productive self-learning
  • strategy: networking for building up great mentorship .. to consult at mentally challenging time
  • skills: story telling or communication力
  • skills: persuasive presentation力
  • skills: give feedback力
  • skills: ask question力
  • productive self-learning: productivity: time management e.g. email術
  • productive self-learning: productivity: healthy habit
  • productive self-learning: mentality: identify the DIP in my self-learning
  • productive self-learning: mentality: manage capacity to address the DIP
  • productive self-learning: community: exposure to get humiliation purposefully
  • productive self-learning: community: reach out to experts to ask questions (knowledge focus mentoring session)
  • formal learning: find the master
  • career path vs. fam-capacity for marriage relationship and childcare
  • build up physical health protection habits e.g. jogging
  • build up mental health habits: shopping, travel, connection
  • strong families
  • 詩篇 102:28 (JCB) そして、私たちの家系も、あなたの守りのもとに世代から世代へ継承されていくのです。



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My daily battles along with faith