End Well Day 1: Own the Process of Transition, to make sure it end on time. Communicate frequently on the changes and keep negotiating the consequent outcome

Day 276. 21Oct1 Fri. Theme = end well .. given some negative

Life challenge

  • resentful to manager: I feel so disappointed after 2nd mtg with manager about my transition. I’ve been setting steps to make sure the transition happen smooth and quick, and I was right as I observed super reactive attitude from the manager e.g. he delays in his commitment to find successor (impact is on my side, which means I have to commit if the plan fails, meaning he delays in find successor). I felt a sense of resentful when I heard that he mentioned that there could be flexibility on task change, for me to work on metric as well. which we already aligned last week and I’ve committed on a few of them.
  • I understand that flexibility from my side is good. But trusting on the right person is the necessary wisdom. people that say good words and general words but totally not committing to achieve it .. leaving consequence for the counterpart to bear .. showing to me the lacking of really care ..
  • I learnt that I am a bit lacking of flexibility and confidence in continuous negotiation.
  • I learnt that I might not fit for manager, but I will keep the path open, as if God wants I will


  • Lord, even I’ve summed somewhat I wisdom on the title of this post .. to keep myself from undesired outcome. But I am reminded that your way is about love and compassion. Fix my heart Lord and lead me wisely amen.


  • 詩篇 51:6 (JCB) あなたがお喜びになるのは、徹底した正直さです。ああ、そのことを私に心底から沸かせてください。



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