Do the Test Today. Time box habit for productivity and move forward strategy. Plan better. Called to become healthy worker, ready to bring gentleness, joy & peace to social connection. 財産が天にあるなら、心も天にある。

  • another full day of maternity leave
  • SQL interview review, lots of new command learning
  • washed hair for An
  • my caraage recipe + tofu soup dinner (imitate oisix recipe), both spouse and An enjoyed it
  • blessed copain
  • radar: called to be a healthy worker
  • radar: called to wisdom to fight and guard mental health when having unfinished work
  • His wisdom: Begin with the end in mind
  • マタイ 6:19 財産を、この地にたくわえてはいけません。…天にたくわえなさい。そこで価値を失うこともないし、盗まれる心配もありません。あなたの財産が天にあるなら、あなたの心も天にあるのです。
  • Lord, help me to bring your gentleness, honesty and understanding to our mom connection today
  • Lord, help me to finish the test today, help me to develop wisdom for those event, assignment in the future, amen.



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My daily battles along with faith