Discipline my mindset to be right at different time. God says Help/Serve others is the way to train myself to be effective Jesus-followers. perhaps, ねたみや敵対心 are the challenges for us, women in 30s-40s.

Aug 21.

ヤコブの手紙 3:13–16 13良い生き方をする人は、柔和な行いを身につけた、知恵のある賢い人です。 14しかし、もし自分にねたみや敵対心があるなら、決してその知恵をひけらかしてはいけません。それは偽善です


  • pregnancy condition: grateful that my swollen legs and back pain somewhat is getting better. Thanks Lord for reminding me to walk 10 min every morning.
  • quiet living: cook for myself, completed one chapter of ivy leagues university in US
  • connect w. fam through FB call: grateful that my fam welcomes spouse and An well. they seem to enjoy it very much. I like seeing it, fam is better than just some community
  • go for a hair cut: gratefully realize that when my mind is empty it is a bit easier to do the things I think important (cause distraction and inconfident about attire) but no urgent. 🛫
  • connect w. c. Lan: I am grateful for a natural little I could do for her, is to become her client of hair cut from now on.

Observation of 40s-50s:

  • from myself and other women in this age, I felt a drop of desire to improve and change lifestyle .. but adapt to the current quite life and wait .. in the way that could cause regret or bitterness later.
  • I feel that we need more good and warm connection, like my life group, especially for women in this age, both for marriaged or single ones. We could support each other better. What do I do, Lord. I need to empty my mind for things I obsessed about e.g. hand-on skills .. to share my time for these women. invite them to my good network.


  • Habit #4 to becoming a highly effective believer is to help others:
  • Do you have concern for others? Are you thinking of ways to help others? 🛫🛫 I want to connect women in my age, I see similar struggles of next step common in both working women single or marriaged
  • What do you see in your life that needs to change? 🛫🛫 I need to empty my mind and live ready in a quiet heart. throw more about my obsession for hands-on skills when out-of-work-hour. Have a right mindset at different time: work-mindset when serve team, fam-mindset at home, women-serving-mindset at free and relaxing time. pray about it.
  • マタイの福音書 22:39 39 第二も同じように重要で、『自分を愛するように、あなたの隣人を愛しなさい』という戒めです。
  • ヤコブの手紙 3:13–16 13良い生き方をする人は、柔和な行いを身につけた、知恵のある賢い人です。 14しかし、もし自分にねたみや敵対心があるなら、決してその知恵をひけらかしてはいけません。それは偽善です。 15ねたみや敵対心は、神からの知恵ではなく、この世のものであり、真理に逆らう悪霊から来るものです。 16ねたみや敵対心のうず巻くところでは、秩序が乱れ、あらゆる悪がはびこっています


  • Lord, thanks for continuously help me about ねたみ and 敵対心 today. Indeed, these are the areas for myself and for others as well, 🛫perhaps for women in 30s-50s🛫. there is no help in human wisdom for this problem. Only a good living led and driven by God is the help. But for those who don’t know God yet, my good living sharing is their chance to bridge God. 🛫 Give me discipline to become a good examples if this areas and courage to dare share it and invite others to Your good community, Lord 🛫
  • Thank you for this wonderful quiet time, Lord. and reminding me to have the right mindset at the right time, amen.



My daily battles along with faith

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