Deep gratefulness for this full and surrounded maternity leave. Cont. pray for 4 purposes of deep learn, but with a surrender and joyful heart every day to what God brings. Cont. expanding w. children, marriage and connection. Called to encourage the Youth on how to think and live by setting an example. 思慮深くまじめに生活心理を愛し、何事にも真剣に取り組む

3 min readSep 26, 2022


Sep 27

Jesus please wash out the shame

  • shame of my hand-on competency: I didn’t clear the minimum requirement to get to an interview. I knew it but when the news come, I felt the weight of shame. Certainly, I felt compassioned for spouse and what he might feel for his dream of doing the job of developer and never give up through continuous learning. I have so much respect for him. I don’t want to hold this shame for long. I thank for this experience come right at the time now, Lord. ♪ here I am, Lord. arm wide open, pouring out my life, gratefully broken. All to Jesus now. ♪
  • worries of delivery: it is girigiri safe at the moment but the risk is still there. I don’t want to hold on and live on it, Lord. Whatever it is You have prepared for me, let me sail through it with faith and learnt the necessary lessons I need to
  • anxiety of uncertainty???: my pregnancy interview experience were fruitful at all. I failed 1 interview, 1 hackerank test and not ready for any more. My target to become a DS science manager next step and earn up some money have no possibility at the moment. But why should I be anxious. Everything comes from the Lord, my life here and now. 🛫I won’t hold on this anxiety. I’ll follow the Words and commit day by day to what God is bringing into my life. I still pray for my desire but a humble heart and confident to the Lord, rather than my ability to catch things up for myself. amen. I will dare to continue to dream and say yes to everything the Lord brings everyday, amen. What a joy of such a journey, amen.
  • feedback at the right timing: I should wait and feedback to husband (about his attitude, wording to children) when the children aren’t there anymore.


  • a dream of maternity leave: heart-full grateful for such a maternity leave like now. I don’t feel alone at all. Spouse is with me everyday and I have desire and things to learn everyday. I have time to follow up with children everyday. and time to nap everyday. I am so grateful, Lord❤❤
  • An’s milestone and the joy of our hearts: she drank almost 200ml milk in the morning and 100g rice in the dinner now. I have hope for her weight to increase. She enjoy soroban, anzan and start feels its convenience somewhat. Some with piano and swimming as well. She is such a big joy of us. My heart is full of love for her and Ri. 🛫I wish for God wisdom to guide them well.
  • time for corporate training and conference: dbcon, write and influence training. so grateful for this capacity and opportunities. what can I do to make them mine. practice and output.
  • time to train myself for hands-on skills, what have been hidden shame in me for such a long time. opportunities to work on my hidden shame, this weakness and discover new strength toward a DS lead. I feel old and increasing inconfidently about my competency but I feel large very large hope on God that He is helping me. I need only to rejoy on this journey, 大切 the trust I am having now. amen 🛫
  • season target
  • continue brush myself to be helpful when I come back to search and
  • skill up myself with interview skills and
  • earn new skills in hand-on with deep learning & MLops and
  • habit to catch up with SoTa NLP papers.
  • continue w. my children care, fam services, marriage buildup and social expansion, amen.


  • before I read your Words, let them stay with me today Lord and let them be the light to guide my heart today, amen.


  • Teach, Think and Live. Titus 2:1 ESV: You, however, must teach what is appropriate to sound doctrine
  • Paul sent Titus to restore order by setting clear guideline on how to be temperate, worth of self-respect and sound in faith and endurance.
  • Teach: for all of us (older men/women younger men/women in the workplace) how should we think and live so that in every way the teaching about God is made attractive
  • Encourage: let’s encourage ourselves and who we teach on how to live with self-control, integrity, reverence and sound speech
  • Set a good example
  • テトスへの手紙2:6–8 青年にも、思慮深く(物事を判断する時の態度が、ちみつで慎重である)、まじめに生活するように勧めなさい。まずあなたが、正しい模範を示すことです。心理を愛し、何事にも真剣に取り組んでいることが、誰の目にもはっきりわかるようにしなさい。良識をもって、筋道を立てて話しなさい。そうすれば、私達に反対する者たちは何も言えなくなって、かえって恥じ入るでしょう。




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