Cont. interview skill w. a pre-interview booklet. 人々を甘やかさず、その信仰を強めるように、厳しく教育しなさい。Learn to rebuke w. Love (feedback w. Love)

  • closing 3 days of rest and celebration for a new season: it ended well. I am so grateful Lord. lots of connection and did nothing.
  • regular swimming class, grateful that I can still accompany spouse and An
  • radar: so grateful for the support of spouse, his spirit in support me in this pregnant season, willing to drive An everywhere and go buy anything for me. I want him to be connected and happy. What can I do for the dads to be more connected, Lord. I desire to be an expanded vibe to help the dads connect healthily with each other more.
  • radar: I felt compassion for people that don’t feel connected in this world here, k.nahk, spouse .. people didn’t know God deeply enough or haven’t made the decision to make the connection.
  • receive: 3 strength of a solider, a athlete and a farmer.
  • simple dinner
  • walk a bit more
  • salonpas was really helpful for good sleep
  • sleep trouble and scram legs
  • habit of exercise to prepare for a good childbirth season: breadfeeding
  • deep learning and output: interview skills
  • deep learning — catch up with search system continuously
  • deep learning — continuous catching up w. NLP papers and hands-on
  • target for this season
  • rebuke in love (real feedback) so that Your people may return to the Truth
  • Titus 1:13–14 人々を甘やかさず、その信仰を強めるように、厳しく教育しなさい。そして、ユダヤ人の作り話や、心理に逆らう者の言い分に耳を傾けることなど、きっぱりやめさせなさい。
  • Lord, I am so grateful for this little quiet time, with worship song in my ears and clear things to conduct today in this season.
  • I pray for success today that I won’t fall away from what pleasing You and don’t miss your plan for me today. Grant me success in what I do. Teach me how to rebuke others in love, learn how to give feedback sharply and with love
  • I pray for wise companion for spouse and friends who are struggling w. work and connection and future direction here. amen



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My daily battles along with faith